Norlin Vouchers

fall 2020: norlin library closed due to covid-19 impact

(((The following information accounts for Norlin access during non-pandemic times)))

Voucher Program for Accounts at CU Libraries

Naropa University has created a formal arrangement with CU Libraries at Boulder that allows our community to have check out privileges at most CU Boulder libraries. Accounts can be set up at Norlin Library on a semester-by-semester basis. 

Student Accounts

In order to have an account set up at CU Libraries, a student must take these steps:

  • Come to the Allen Ginsberg Library with your Naropa student ID; a staff person will fill out a Norlin Library Voucher for you.
  • Take the voucher along with your Naropa student ID to the Norlin Library circulation desk. They will set up your account.
  • If you lose the voucher you have been given before you are able to set up your account, you will have to pay $37.50 to receive a replacement voucher.

Faculty and Staff Accounts

This year we are offering vouchers to faculty and staff for a fee.

  • Each 6 months of access costs $37.50.
  • Payment must be in cash or check. The library is no longer able to use payroll deduction to cover this cost.
  • An ID card is necessary for this to work—if you don’t have a Naropa ID, the library will give you an Allen Ginsberg Library card with a barcode on it, and this will suffice for identification purposes when setting up your account at Norlin Library.

Note that the fee for a faculty or staff account is not discounted from what one would pay oneself if setting up a public patron account at CU Libraries. However, the Naropa community has some additional privileges that are offered through the voucher program, which include:

  • The ability to pay semi-annually, instead of for a full year at a time. If you only need access during one semester of the academic year, this would allow you to save money.
  • The ability to recall books.
  • Unlimited renewals.
  • The ability to request books from Pascal, the off-site storage system.
  • The ability to check out A/V materials for use in Norlin Library.

CU Libraries at Boulder Policies

Please note the following CU Libraries policies:

  • As an academic user you will have a 28 day check out period with unlimited renewals and recall privileges. You will not, however, have access to CU Libraries’ online resources remotely, but may continue to use these resources in the library.
  • CU Libraries no longer charge overdue fines for most items; however, if a book is recalled and not returned, the fee is $2/day. There are also items with short term checkouts, like A/V materials, which are fined at either $2/hour or $2/day.
  • When an item with a regular checkout period is overdue, CU Libraries send out emails at the rate of 5-6 over a ninety-day period. If you do not return or renew the book within those 90 days, you will be billed for replacement, which is generally a $200 fee. Even if the item is returned later, there is a $10 billing charge. Also note that by state law, CU Libraries are required to send unpaid bills to a collections agency after 60 days. This is not something that Naropa or our library can prevent.

How to get to Norlin Library

Norlin is less than a mile away from Naropa's Arapahoe Campus. There is a convenient walking path between Naropa and CU, and the HOP bus (which stops just downstreet from the corner of Arapahoe Ave. and Folsom St.) has a stop right on the plaza in front of Norlin.

* The Law Library at CU Boulder uses a separate circulation system and one would need to set up a separate account with them. Accounts at the Law Library are currently free; no voucher is needed.