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Elementary Teacher Licensure

Want to add elementary teacher licensure to your Bachelor of Arts degree?


Students have an option to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in their discipline and add an elementary teacher licensure. This dual path can result in a rich experience and valuable credientials.  This is a different path than the BA in Elementary Education.

While it is possible to add elementary teacher licensure to most of our degrees, below we have identified three programs whose curriculum works particularly well with the teacher licensure program and with focus students can graduate in 4 - 4.5 years.  Other majors can also add elementary teacher licensure, please contact us for more details. 

Environmental Studies - Take your passion for the physical world we live in to the next generation.  

Creative Writing and Literature - Inspire children to discover the magic and power of the written word.

Interdisciplinary Studies - Create your own degree and bring your unique sensibilities to bring joy to the learning environment 

Combining these degrees with teacher licensure requires a disciplined adherence to a course trajectory in ensure a successful completion in 4 years.  For questions on this dual track please contact us.