Contemplative Education and Social Justice

With the clear recognition that contemplative practice and education are inextricably connected to issues of power, privilege, diversity, and inclusion, CACE’s efforts are focused on fostering dialogue and training on social justice within the context of contemplative education both within Naropa University and through our external and collaborative activities.  

  • We offer Town Halls and Colloquia that explore various contemplative pedagogical practices through the probing lens of power, privilege and oppression.
  • The CACE Faculty Committee meets regularly with the Inclusive Community Faculty Committee to articulate a vision for the interface between contemplative education and social justice; and to create strategies to support faculty development in contemplative teaching and diversity/inclusion awareness.

Through this endeavor it is our hope that together we can continue to evolve contemplative pedagogies to meet contemporary needs and to serve as a vehicle of social transformation. 



Judith Simmer-Brown

Faculty Spotlight

"To say that Naropa University can provide an antidote to the threat of the growing dividedness that we now face is only true if we can engage in collective self-inquiry, interpersonal engagement, and skillful social action.

Office for Inclusive Community

Regina Smith is the Executive Director for Mission Integration and Student Affairs at Naropa University. Rooted in embodied contemplative philosophies, Regina Smith relies on magical creativity, intellectual clarity, and mission-centered collaborative leadership to advocate for social transformation. With an MFA in Poetry, and an MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy, her training allows her to bridge the mechanics of the mind with the intricacy of the heart.