School for International Training

In addition to our partner program with Where There Be Dragons, students may also choose to study at our affiliated program, the School for International Training (SIT). This is an approved program and your federal and state financial aid applies (except Perkins). However, institutional aid such as Naropa grants, scholarships, or work-study will not apply. Please note that institutional aid only applies to the Bhutan Study Abroad Program and the Where There Be Dragons Program.

School for International Training (SIT):

SIT offers over 55 academically and experientially challenging programs in nearly 40 countries in the world. SIT programs tend to focus on issues of social and/or environmental justice, global economic development and public health. Regions include: Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, and the Pacific. Homestays and language are usually significant components of SIT's programs, as well. Most programs are semester-long, a few are summer term, and some are offered for graduate credit.

Affiliated Study Abroad Program FAQ

Who can study abroad at an affiliated program?
  • Affiliated programs are primarily for undergraduate students, although in special circumstances graduate students may apply.
  • To be eligible, undergraduate students must meet the following two criteria at the time of application:
    • Students must have at least 30 credits (including in progress credits)
    • At least 12 of those credits need to have been completed or in progress at Naropa.
  • Students who have transferred in more than 45 credits are not eligible for SIT study abroad.  This is because students must complete at least 60 credits on-campus at Naropa University to complete their degree requirements. SIT credits count as elective transfer credits, and they do not count as on-campus credits.  Therefore, students must consult with their academic advisor to determine if sufficient elective credits are available to participate in an Affiliated Study Abroad Program without hindering the completion of their major and/or core requirements in a timely manner.
  • Students must possess a 2.5 GPA to apply and be in good disciplinary standing (i.e. no disciplinary problems, not currently in the judiciary process, not on probation, etc.)
  • Students will undergo an SIT application process and must meet all of the organization's requirements.

In special circumstances graduate students may study abroad on an affiliated program which offers graduate credit, but are limited to 6 consortium/transfer credits. Most graduate programs at Naropa University will not allow for that flexibility, so it is important to check with your advisor to see if study abroad will be approved by your department.

What about credit?

Affiliated programs are not Naropa credits and are considered consortium agreement credits which count toward your 60 transfer credit allotment. For an SIT program, you will receive a transcript from SIT that you must request be sent from SIT directly to Naropa University. For Undergraduate students, only 60 credits can be transferred in and/or received through a consortium agreement (like SIT). These credits will count as elective credit.

For graduate students, the limit is six credits from another school, although you will need prior approval from your department and advisor. Your advisor will help you decide if the courses taken will be counted as electives for your program. Please note: You must have a C or better for courses to be accepted to Naropa.

What does it cost to study abroad at SIT?
Each SIT program varies in cost, so please visit the program pages for a complete description and cost of each program. You will pay the program/tuition fee directly to SIT. You will also pay a $25 per credit consortium fee directly to Naropa. If taking a full-time student course load, students are allowed to use their federal financial aid towards our affiliated study abroad programs, although institutional aid will not apply. You will also be responsible for a non-refundable application fee that is paid directly to SIT.
What does the cost include?
Cost includes tuition, housing and meals abroad. Also, included are orientation, in-country support, and some excursions.
What additional costs can a student expect to incur?

The student is responsible for the costs of airfare, passport and student visa fee and costs incurred obtaining these documents, snacks, books, medical and travel insurance, and personal expenses. (Please note that for SIT programs, travel insurance is covered in the tuition costs.) 

Are there Scholarships?
SIT offers limited scholarships for qualified individuals. In addition to the affiliated program scholarships, there are also a number of organizations that award scholarships to qualified students for study abroad. 
When are study abroad applications due for an SIT program?
Students should apply for study abroad the semester prior to their intended departure. Deadlines for SIT programs vary, so check with the program pages to see when their deadlines are. Apply here for SIT.
How long can a student study abroad on an Affiliated Program?
Most students will study for one semester, although SIT offers short-term programs (January and summer terms.)  In special circumstances and with prior academic approval from the student's advisor and the Undergraduate Dean, it is possible to study for a year if it fits with the student's overall academic plan. Additionally it depends on how many transfer credits a student has already transferred in.
How does a student pay the bill?

You pay the bill at SIT. You will not be billed by Naropa for your courses taken at the host school, even though are registered for these as "ISO." Naropa will charge you a $25/credit fee to support the consortium agreement (i.e. transfer of financial aid, keeping you enrolled as a Naropa student).

If you are taking a full time course load abroad (12 credits for undergrads and 9 for grads) it is your responsibility to meet with Student Affairs for a bus pass and/or health insurance waiver. If you do not do this you will be charged for a bus pass and student health insurance. The waiver is ONLY applicable if you will not be taking classes at Naropa the entire semester.

Next Steps for Affiliated Programs:
  • Research SIT study abroad programs and decide which program you would like to apply for.
  • To determine if you are eligible, complete the Affiliated Program Form and give to your academic advisor to sign. All credits count for elective credit.
  • If you are eligible to apply, apply directly to SIT. You will be responsible for paying non-refundable application fee directly to SIT at the time of applying.
  • Complete the Consortium Agreement Registration Form and give to the Registrars' Office. You will need to include the course title of each academic course for your SIT program. Please bring along a copy of the signed Affiliate Program Form with you, as well.
  • If you are using federal and state financial aid, meet with the Financial Aid Office to review the details of the consortium between Naropa and SIT.
  • Meet with Student Affairs to sign a bus pass/insurance waiver if you are doing the program as a full-time student.
  • After you have successfully completed an SIT program, you will need to request a transcript be sent from SIT to Naropa.


Study Abroad Scholarships

If a student chooses a Naropa Sponsored (Dragons) or Affiliated (SIT) programs, he/she may apply for one of Dragons', or SIT scholarships. In addition to those funds, students may apply for one or more of the other general/regional scholarships for Study Abroad.

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