Study Abroad at a Glance

Differences between Naropa, Naropa Sponsored (Dragons), Affiliated (SIT) and Unaffiliated Programs


  Naropa (Bhutan Study Abroad) Naropa-Sponsored (Dragons: 4 programs) Affiliated (SIT) Unaffiliated Programs
(all other)
Credits Naropa credit Non-residential Naropa credit

Consortium agreement* (60 credits is the maximum number of transfer and/or consortium credits transferable )

Consortium agreement pending approval from Naropa's Study Abroad Administrator

Credit towards your major, minor or elective credit.

Counts toward your overall GPA.

Cultural and Historical Studies core requirement, electives.

Counts toward your overall GPA. 


Grades must be (C) or better to be accepted.

No guarantee

Grades must be (C) or better to be accepted.

Financial Aid

State, Federal aid, Naropa aid (scholarships/grants)

State & Federal aid

State, Federal aid only If approved for consortium agreement, state and federal aid will apply.

Semester only (spring)

Semester only (fall or spring)

Semester (fall or spring), January or summer terms Depends on program
Steps Read more about the program and sign up to receive application materials when they are available on the Study Abroad in Bhutan page. Go here to read more and apply directly to Dragons. Go here to read more and apply directly to SIT. Visit Naropa's Study Abroad Administrator to inquire regarding your situation.

*Consortium Agreement: This means that a student will stay enrolled at Naropa (i.e. they will incur no penalty for leaving) and that a student may use their federal and state financial aid package.