Student / Alumni Highlights

Dan Halpern

Alumni Highlight

“Above all else, my degree in Religious Studies has helped me see that having a personal spiritual/contemplative practice is essential for my life path. That practice may look and feel different from other practitioners, or even from myself on different days, but simply holding practice as a core value of my life has helped me feel comfortable moving through the world in a more mature way than I have ever felt before.”

— Dan Halpern

BA Religious Studies

Devin Zuckerman

Alumni Highlight

“At Naropa, I learned to love learning. And through cultivating a practice of reflection in my academic work, I have become a more effective learner. The opportunity to study religion with living lineage-holders in those traditions, along with the general environment of open-mindedness and curiosity, helped to foster my dedication to pluralist engagements with religion.”

— Devin Zuckerman
 Student, Harvard Divinity School