Contemplative Education

In the Religious Studies Department, contemplative education includes not only the contemplative practices of a range of religious traditions but also the way in which the classes are taught.

While you're endeavoring to master the content of a specific course, you'll also be developing the capacity to apply the material to yourself, your classmates, and your professors. This process provides depth in understanding how we relate with others.

A contemplative environment is in how faculty members present class materials, their own lived experiences to fully engage you in the learning process.

As a student in the program, you'll engage individual contemplative practices according to your interests and degree program. There are specific classes on contemplative practices; additionally, the department works with each student to arrange meditation instructors and mentors to support these practices.

While the degree programs will require you to engage in contemplative practices, there is no presumption or requirement that you identify yourself as belonging to a specific tradition. Your engagement with the range of contemplative practices available at Naropa University is up to you as to how this relates to your life overall.