What's Next On Your Journey

line of students trekking in snow

Become a Naropa Student

LeapYear doesn’t end when the program is over. 

LeapYear is a year of transformative, intense, and intimate experiences. You’ve just returned from an exiting trip abroad, and are wondering where you’ll head next. If you’re hoping for a college experience that can replicate the LeapYear experience, you’re in luck!  

As a LeapYear student, we invite you to join other Naropa University students as a full-time student! You’ve previously applied, and are already one of us!  

The Naropa campus is a home for our students-- a place and a community that they can return to over and over. 

Many LeapYear graduates continue on to Naropa University, which makes for a supportive and productive college experience. 

To find out more about continuing your LeapYear experience at Naropa University, please contact Undergraduate Advising.