Costs & Aid

leapyearLEAPYEAR Tuition

LeapYear is a fully integrated year of college at Naropa University, so unlike other gap year programs, LeapYear students receive a full year of college credit while they travel. As a result, students have access to federal financial aid as well as significant institutional scholarships. 

LeapYear tuition and fees are $36,900. This includes: 

  • All scheduled programming 
  • Food, accommodation, and transport during the program 
  • One full year of college coursework and credits (30 semester credits total)

Expenses that are not included: Round-trip transportation to Boulder, international airfares, personal medical or travel insurance, and personal spending money. The average cost of airfare for group international travel is around $1,600. Individual internship flight costs vary widely. 

How to Fund the Most Extraordinary Year of College 

At Naropa University, we strive to give all students the opportunity to participate in LeapYear. We believe financial support is essential for making the program available to as many inspired young adults as possible. Our team works diligently to help students get the support they need.

Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) 

All LeapYear students are enrolled as full-time college students at Naropa University and are thus eligible for federal financial aid. Every American citizen is entitled to low-interest student loans. Federal financial aid is easily accessed through the FAFSA process (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at 

How to Apply for Federal Financial Aid 

Step 1: Complete the FAFSA form. You can complete the FAFSA form online. Below are a few things to note while completing this step: 

  • FAFSA has a forecaster that can help you predict your financial aid package. The link is available on their home page. Naropa's FAFSA code is 014652 

Step 2: Wait to receive your award letter. After you complete the FAFSA, a Student Aid Report (SAR) is generated. A copy of your SAR is automatically sent to the financial aid offices at the schools that you highlighted on the FAFSA as prospects. The SAR shows your family's Expected Family Contribution (EFC), which assists financial aid offices in determining your financial aid award. Student Financial Services will send you an award letter listing the amounts of financial aid for which you are eligible. This may include grants and scholarships (which don't have to be repaid) and federal loans. 

Both the Office of Admissions and LeapYear are here to support students through this process.  

LeapYear Scholarships 

LeapYear offers generous institutional scholarships. Scholarships are awarded after acceptance to the program. Please contact the Office of Admissions and LeapYear for additional information.