Student Thesis Titles

In the final component of the Interdisciplinary Studies major, you’ll complete the Capstone Seminar, a 3-credit course designed to guide you through your senior thesis. The senior thesis is a scholarly paper with an annotated bibliography, reading list, and portfolio of course work that reflects your cumulative knowledge at the end of the degree program. Your mentors will evaluate the thesis.

In the past, students have written on a variety of topics. Some past thesis titles include:

  • "How Music Affects Early Childhood Development"
  • "Peace Studies:  Nonviolence in Action"
  • "Environmental Philosophy"
  • "Social Action: Writing and Performance as Path"
  • "Religion and Psychology: The Dance of Healing"
  • "For the Sake of Our Future: Rural Development from the Ground up in Mexico"
  • "Live Art: The Awakened Performer"
  • "An Exploration of the Interrelationships between Self, Art and Oppression"
  • "Self Awareness: Foundation for an Ecologically and Socially Just Worldview"
  • "Democracy, Education and Social Change: Expanding the Praxis of Contemplative Education"
  • "Songs and Dances of Divinity"
  • "Creative and Somatic Movement in an Early Childhood Montessori Classroom"
  • "Healing the Mind Body Split"
  • "Deep Breathing: A Means for Autistic People to Reconnect with their Bodies"
  • "Family, Identity and Fiction"
  • "Being in the World: An Exploration of the Relationship between Our Identities, Our Communities, and Our Environments"
  • "The Psychospiritual Context of Nature in Healing"
  • "How Expressive Arts Therapy and Outdoor Adventure Activities Can Increase Interpersonal Communication Skills: Adventure in Building Communication with Children"
  • Encountering Distant Voices: Exploring the Role of Warrior as an Aspect of Peace Studies"