Student Journey

Fields of Study

As a student in the Interdisciplinary Studies program, you can choose courses from any of the academic departments offered at Naropa University. Some of the most popular ones for Interdisciplinary Studies students are Religious Studies, Contemplative Psychology, Visual Arts, Environmental Studies, and Contemplative Education. Potential fields of study can be explored at Undergraduate Academics.

Plan of Study

In the Gateway Seminar, you’ll create your Learning Agreement. Written in a succession of required drafts, your Learning Agreement, will describe in detail your Interdisciplinary Studies program, including:

  • Topic and Thesis Proposal
  • Disciplines, Methods and Definitions
  • Independent Studies, Consortia, Travel, and Internships
  • Project
  • Mentors
  • Courses
  • Annotated Bibliographies
  • Addenda


During the Gateway Seminar, you’ll choose one or two mentors, and everyone involved will sign a working agreement. The mentoring relationship is created to last throughout your Interdisciplinary Studies, culminating in the mentor’ or mentor's role as readers and assessors of your portfolio, annotated bibliographies, and thesis.