Student & Alumni Voices

Luke Entrup

Alumni Highlight

“Naropa gave me numerous things: a solid knowledge base necessary for the helping professions, useful tools to avoid burnout, essential rigorous training in academic writing, and a venue to explore personal empowerment.”

— Luke Entrup

Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant

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Elena Earthman

Student Highlight

“When we had a snow day and classes were cancelled, instead of celebrating and going skiing, I was very bummed out: “My favorite classes are cancelled!” I feel like I’m being challenged on many levels and I’m learning so much. A Naropa education goes deep and touches your soul in the most unexpected places.”

— Elena Earthman
Contemplative Psychology Student

Tosha Jorden

Alumni Highlight

“Naropa offers an education that allows one to go within to then go out into the world. This allows space for spiritual growth and the understanding of what it means to be a compassionate person. This also allows space for one to understand one's own pain and suffering. Being at Naropa is like an education retreat for me."

— Tosha Jorden
Contemplative Psychology Alumna

Elinor Morgenstern

Student Highlight

"Being introduced to the possibility that human beings, including myself, are basically good has been one of the most important aspects of my program. The transformation began here for me. I carry this awareness with me wherever I go, into whatever I’m doing. It is a revolutionary way of relating, one that holds a lot of hope and kindness.”

Elinor Morgenstern
Contemplative Psychology Student

green reading

Alumni Highlight

“Being a student at Naropa has deepened my understanding of how multi-dimensional education can be, how I am continuously in a working relationship with it, and how valuable a learning process can be in relationship with others.”

— Sarah White

BA Contemplative Psychology, 2011 // MA Contemplative Psychology, 2014
Psychotherapist // Center for Change // Boulder, Colorado 

Cameron Craw

Student Highlight

“My Naropa education has helped me be more authentic and open to change. This has translated into expanded opportunity and the ability to make choices that better align with my highest intention.”

— Cameron Craw
Contemplative Psychology Student

Einav Nahum

Student Highlight

“The Contemplative Psychology program at Naropa has given me the tools to see more clearly the problems and issues our world is facing, but more importantly, it allowed me to get to know my own self on a deeper level. I have gained tools that help me be present with each person, that made me a more compassionate and open being, and that remind me to be in touch with my body.”

— Einav Nahum
Contemplative Psychology 2016


Catherine Griffin

Alumni Highlight

“As I move through my life and discover more about myself, I find that my ability to be with the challenges, simply in my own mind and body, have been profoundly influenced by the Maitri teachings that I was given at Naropa."

— Catherine Griffin


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