Fall Retreat

This two-day retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center takes place every other fall.

Students practice sitting and walking meditation as well as other contemplative disciplines.

Meditating and relaxing with others in this beautiful mountain setting enable each student to begin the academic year with a renewed sense of energy and balance.

Students, faculty and staff come together in talks, workshops, and group meals and activities, imbuing our contemplative community with a sense of purpose and friendship.

Shambhala Mountain Center (SMC) is nestled on 600 acres in the mountains of northern Colorado two hours from Boulder.

In this exceptional setting students are also given free time to explore and enjoy the SMC grounds which include The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, the Kami Shrine, hiking trails and the relaxing mountain air and vistas.

The goals for this course are to:

  • Practice mindfulness and awareness as part of each student’s contemplative training;
  • Deepen self-acceptance and trust in one’s own intrinsic well-being;
  • Develop and practice compassionate relationship with others;
  • Gain a more subtle understanding of a wide variety of psychological energies.

 This required retreat is a great way to integrate into Naropa’s Contemplative Psychology community.