Michael Hussey

Michael Hussey

Concentration: Psychological Science
Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina

What brought you to Naropa? 

When I first transferred, my intention was to graduate as quickly as I could, then move on to my travels. But nine months into my education at Naropa, I realized that I needed to take advantage of this college experience as much as possible. I've stretched my stay here as long as I could.

How did you find out about Naropa?

These information journeys known to the online community as "Wikipedia sprees." You begin by searching Wikipedia.org for a subject you find fascinating, you then read all about it and, finally, you click a link to a related topic. Repeat.

Plans after graduation:

Join the Peace Corps. That has been my plan from the beginning. I've known that I wanted to travel and that I wanted to somehow be of service to the world. At Naropa, however, I have learned that being of service, while beautifully simple, can be challenging. I am acquiring a wisdom of service to know how to truly help people and not just get in the way.

What will you miss?

My friends. My teachers. An environment which provides me with support and inspiration. I don't think I had a clear understanding of what inspiration was before I came to Naropa. Inspiration in education is seeing something in another person?a teacher or a peer?that you want for yourself. I think, "I want to learn what they've learned." At Naropa, I think this to myself all the time, especially with regards to teachers. I'll miss this.

Classes and Activities:

I keep my classes on the scientific side of the western-eastern divide. It?s okay that "Psychology of the Five Elements" doesn?t attract me?that doesn't mean I can't love Naropa. It?s okay that I looked forward to taking Cognitive Psych with its neuroscience brain-centric approach.

How has the Naropa Psychology program changed you?

What do you do when a friend turns to you for support? "How can I help?" Not all of us have the intuitive ability to be of real aid to someone in distress. But I feel extremely confident now in how I work with someone in need, even if I barely know them. Naropa has changed how I -listen- to people. Naropa has helped me learn to connect.

Favorite Naropa experience:

My favorite Naropa experience was in my Gestalt class when I got emotionally cracked wide open. I'd never known that something as simple as sitting in the middle of a circle and talking could be so powerful.