Luke Entrup

Luke Entrup

CONCENTRATION: Transpersonal & Humanistic Psychology

Hometown: Quincy, Illinois


What brought you to Naropa?

I was interested in coursework that combines traditional western psychology with meditation and cutting-edge transpersonal approaches. 

What have you been doing since graduation and what are doing now? How did Naropa help you with this?

After I finished my degree at Naropa I completed a Master of Public Health and a Master of Social Work at Tulane University in New Orleans where I focused on international health and development. I spent some time working and living internationally until I came back to the United States to work as a healthcare executive in community health clinics. I currently work as an executive coach and organizational consultant supporting entrepreneurs in becoming effective leaders and guiding high-growth companies through rapid change without losing their essence.    

Naropa gave me numerous things: a solid knowledge base necessary for the helping professions, useful tools to avoid burnout, essential rigorous training in academic writing, and a venue to explore personal empowerment.

What do you miss about Naropa?

I miss the faculty in the psychology department. They encourage a learning environment of radical self-exploration and self-expression.

Why did you choose your particular concentration?

I was drawn to transpersonal psychology because it embraced models of evolving consciousness through experiential learning. It also had some interesting Jungian classes. 

What is your favorite Naropa experience?

The Senior Project Seminar final presentations.  It was very enlightening to see the immense creativity of each of my classmates knowing that their unique presentations were born out of our multi-year commitment to practices of presence and attention.  

What have you done that you are most proud of?

While at Naropa I co-founded a non-profit, Beyond The Machine, that offered leadership development programs, retreats, and mentorship for young adults. It was a really nice way to apply what I was learning in my coursework.  

Anything else you would like to share?

I met my wife, Sarah (Ingier) Entrup, in our Personality Theories class at Naropa. We live with our two free-range kids in Petaluma, California. Yet another Naropa love story!