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We offer appointments for 25 or 50 minutes. Drop-ins are also welcome when available.

We provide support on all writing assignments: essays, thesis papers, personal narratives, résumés, cover letters, graduate school applications, creative writing, grant proposals, scholarship essays, and more! Sessions usually begin with questions to understand the writer's current assignment, past writing history, general composing habits, learning style, motivation, etc.

We focus on one to two issues per session and usually address global concerns (thesis, development of ideas, organization, clarity, analysis) before local concerns (grammar, mechanics, punctuation, citation). After discussing the writer's needs and priorities, the writer and the Writing Fellow co-create an agenda for the session. At the conclusion of the session, the writer and the Writing Fellow outline plans for completing the composition.

Writing Fellows act as peer consultants and objective readers. The final decision concerning the work remains in the writer's hands.

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