Recycling & Zero Waste

Naropa University's Zero Waste goal is to mindfully support the university in being a sustainable system where resources are fully used and waste is reduced to a minimum. Naropa currently boasts an 80% diversion rate, thanks in large part to the campus-wide recycing and compost bins located in all common areas of all buildings and exterior space.

 Students conducting campus waste audit   Zero Waste Station

Students conducting campus waste audit


  • Recycling recepticles at all campuses in all common areas
  • 100% of electronic waste is recycled through Green Girl Recycling


  • Composting bins at all campuses in all common areas
  • 100% of landscaping waste is either composted on-site or locally. On-site compost is returned to the campus as fertilizer
  • All Snow Lion residents are provided with kitchen composting bins
  • The Naropa Cafés, operated by the local non-profit organization Bridge House, either compost what little food waste they produce or use the unbought food to feed the homeless population at their main kitchen location off-campus

Zero waste trainings at naropa

As part of compliance with the new Zero Waste Ordinance in Boulder County, the Sustainability staff will start offering regular zero waste trainings beginning fall semester, 2016. For more information or to schedule a zero waste training for your class or department, please email