Luci Gaddie, Student Trustee

Lucinnia Josephine Gaddie

Student Trustee, Elected 2020

Current BA Interdisciplinary Student, Naropa University in Boulder, CO


Luci Gaddie is a a second-year Interdisciplinary student at Naropa University with concentrations in visual arts, gender and queer studies and social justice. Before coming to Naropa, Luci lived in Houston, Texas, where Luci was born and raised. "I came to Naropa with the intent to change myself, my peers and the world around me."

Outside of school, Luci helps organize protests and events for Black Lives Matter. Luci is an experienced tarot card reader and psychic, and is a painter and artist based in Boulder.

Luci is passionate about transforming the way we perceive our world, and how we can redefine normalcy and rediscover the avant-garde. Luci is interested in how far consciousness can be pushed, and how we can transform how we see the world and reality through art.