Jerry Colonna, Trustee

Jerry Colonna

Trustee, Elected 2009

Boulder, Colorado

Queens College, The City University of New York


Jerry Colonna, a professional coach, is the co-founder and CEO of, an executive coaching service company that supports people in their efforts to develop more authentic and effective leadership.

He was a partner with JPMorgan Partners (JPMP) until 2002; the same year, he was named co-executive director of NYC2012 which represented the city's efforts to host the 2012 Olympic Games. In 2001, he worked with The Partnership for the City of New York to help launch the Financial Recovery Fund, a grants program for small businesses impacted by the attacks on the World Trade Center. He co-founded the investment program Flatiron in 1996. He joined his first venture firm, CMG@Ventures L.P. in 1995 as a founding partner. Prior, he worked for ten years for CMP Media Inc.

Colonna also serves as a director, trustee, or advisor to a number of for-profit and nonprofit organizations. He was named to Upside magazine's list of the 100 Most Influential People of the New Economy, Forbes ASAP's list of the best VCs in the country, and Worth's list of the 25 most generous young Americans.