Community Practice Day

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
All events will be held at the Nalanda Campus - 6287 Arapahoe Avenue

8:00 to  8:50        Coffee and tea served in Café 

8:00 to  8:50        Yoga with Robin BruceRoom 9180  
                              Taijiquan/Aikido with Larry Welsh and Jude BlitzRoom 9176

9:00 to 10:45       Meditation: Sitting, Walking & Compassion Practice - Nalanda Events Center (NEC) 

9:10 to 10:30        Contemplative Walk at Thorne Nature Experience with Anne Parker
                              Meet in atrium by 9:00am

11:00 to 12:30       Conversation with President Chuck Lief & Faculty: What does it mean to be a Buddhist Inspired        
                              University   with President Chuck Lief, Jeanine Canty, Janneli Chapin, Amelia Hall, Ramon Parish, and Nataraja Kallio - NEC

12:30 to  1:50       Break for Lunch—Bring a lunch or Café is open on second floor

 Acupuncture offered between 12:30 and 2:30 in Library (Suggested donation: $5)

2:00 to  3:40       Open Circles, with Judith Lief & Valerie Lorig: time to connect in open, brave conversation about what is in your heart and mind - Room 9180

Truth Mandala & Art Integration with Miki Fire & Sue Wallingford in the tradition of Joanna Macy: speaking and witnessing your truth. This is an invitation to engage in the residual heartbreak of these times, and to feel the tenderness, rage, inspiration, and the various range of emotions that happen in the Truth Mandala.  Immediately following there will be an offering of an art experience to support non-verbal integration of the potency of the Truth Mandala - Room 9189

Shamanic Journey and Meditation with Leslie Grasa: What lineages are you part of family, academic, spiritual, artistic…. How do you feel bolstered by your lineages? Are there places where you feel challenges in your lineages?  This session will help you tap into the incredible support available from those who came before - NEC

In It Together: Sexual Desire and ‘#MeToo’ in a Contemplative Context with Carole Clements and Leah Friedman: Human sexuality is complex, coalescing around sexual desire, sexual identity, and sexual behavior. It is both personal and political, involving sexual rights, sexual violence, systemic power, legislation, imagery, and consent. This workshop examines the quandary of acknowledging sexual desire amidst the pervasiveness of sexual violence and trauma. Through contemplative and experiential practices we will investigate how sexual desire (as distinguished from sexual behavior) can be recognized and honored at Naropa - Room 918

The Performance of No: Political Poster Making for Institutional Aliens and Beloveds in the Present Time with Bhanu Kapil. Feel free to bring art supplies of your choice - Room 9124 

Student Counseling Center Support Group - Available from 2:00 to 3:30.   Open to survivors of sexual abuse, allies and friends - Room 9248

3:40 to 4:30       Come together for ritual movement and reconnection with Ramon Parish and Alyzabeth Anath - NEC
                            And a gentle reminder to be prompt, in kindness to all . . . 

Naropa University welcomes participants with disabilities.  Please contact Giovannina Jobson to inquire about accessibility and disability accommodations needed to participate in any of these events.