2 Palms Up

by Kevan Krasnoff

January 12 - March 7, 2015
The Lincoln Gallery / Arapahoe Campus
2130 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302

2 Palms Up
said each of us are made of a trillion cells
and we are space dust elements re aligned
as particles
skiing high alpine bowls
scale is curious
is the earth little or is it huge
painting is not bat suit flyin
or flippin mtn bikes off geology spine, lumberjack
or navy seal
painting is a luxury

Kevan Krasnoff (krasnoff.com) creates not what he sees but rather the way he feels from the view. Kevan writes, “Painting is a luxury, I suppose a gift, it is Karma? It chose me. It teaches to respond moment to moment and let go of pre-conceptions. It trains the eye to see the beauty in the ordinary as well as the sublime.” 

He abstracts the image with enough representation and formal structure to offer the viewer a gateway, a portal...into their own imagination and memory. This exhibition illustrates Kevan's wide range of media (paint, steel, stone and wood) that he utilizes to capture the fundamental nature of the world around him.

Please visit the Lincoln Gallery to view his interpretation of the western canyons, prairies, mountains and infinite sky. For more information please contact 303-245-4637.