Our Staff

Naropa Community Counseling is staffed by third-year master’s degree students in Naropa’s Graduate School of Counseling and Psychology. All intern therapists undergo rigorous training and clinical supervision. Intern therapists have real life clinical experiences via a required field placement; many have also accrued significant clinical work experience prior to attending Naropa. Licensed staff members are always onsite for guidance and emergency intervention.


Joy RedstoneJoy Redstone, LCSW, CAC III

Joy Redstone is a licensed clinical social worker and addiction counselor (CAC III), as well as being adjunct faculty at Naropa and University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. Joy received her Master’s degree in Social Work from Boston College in 1995 and completed post graduate certificates in addiction counseling and clinical supervision. She is a writer and artist, and contributes regularly to the Daily Camera. She began her career in Boston, MA and worked at Pine St. Inn and New England Medical Center.

Her work has focused on the intersection of mental health struggles, addiction, and oppression and has been characterized by a commitment to advocacy and social justice. She served as the Executive Director of Bridge House for 7 years and was recognized for excellence in service delivery. Joy began her work at Naropa in 2012, and has worked in alcohol and drug education before assuming the role of crisis clinician. She became Director of Naropa Community Counseling (NCC) in 2015.  Joy also serves as a Board President for the Grief Support Network.

Joy offers vision, planning and program design for NCC, as well as clinical supervision and training for interns . Joy’s therapeutic approach draws on motivational interviewing, her undergraduate degree in comparative religious studies, and uses mindfulness to address the existential questions of meaning and suffering that underlie much of our seeking. Joy’s background in social work and systems theory informs her commitment to the individual’s journey towards laughter, beauty and integration.


Clinical SupervisorBrooks Witter

Brooks Witter

Brooks seeks to support the growth and development of vitality, wisdom and fulfillment in all those with whom he works. He has worked for two decades in various capacities supporting  adolescents, young adults and families thrive by clarifying and connecting with core values and guiding principles to make effective choices in navigating life’s complexity.

Brooks is a trainer, supervisor and practitioner of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a powerful science of human behavior rooted in mindfulness, values clarity and the creative power of human language. His work also draws deeply on his twenty-year study and practice of Buddhist psychology, philosophy and meditation, integrating twenty-first century neuro- and behavioral science with ancient wisdom cultivated by millennia of empirical analyses. With a dash of psychodrama and improvisational theater, he brings together a creative and dynamic set of techniques to inform a theoretically consistent approach to optimizing human performance.

His work in leadership and management as Clinical Director at Living Well, and as a volunteer on the Board of Trustees at Naropa University and as President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, has afforded him great experience applying the art and science of liberation into organizational contexts. Brooks received his MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy at Naropa University, and his BA in Religious Studies at Brown University.


Mindful Medicaid Team

mo bankey headshotMo Bankey, focus on LGBTQIA issues

Mo offers a contemplative and collaborative therapeutic approach utilizing mind-body and present moment awareness to support clients in connecting with their intrinsic health and inherent wisdom. Mo believes strongly in the power and responsibility of community to support healing, and integrates social justice and multicultural frameworks into their therapeutic work. With a background in reproductive and sexual healthcare, Mo is committed to trauma-informed work with clients focusing on gender, sexuality, and relationships. Mo is a graduate of Naropa University’s Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology Masters program. They have additional training in Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Mo has a special interest in working with LGBTQIA populations.



aviva headshotAviva Bannerman, focus on women's issues and sexuality

Aviva graduated from Naropa University with a Master’s Degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology and a concentration in Body Psychotherapy. She works from the belief that all people are doing the best they can with the tools that they have. She offers a non-judgmental approach in which clients are invited to explore their thoughts, feelings and sensations, to dive deeply into their personal issues, and to uncover patterns that may no longer be serving them. She believes in the innate healing capacities of every being, and she feels honored to assist clients on their unique journeys toward health and well-being. Aware of the diverse backgrounds and identities of individuals, she strives to understand each client’s worldview in order to help develop new tools that work for them.







Intern Therapists

Lauren HeadshotLauren Bujosa

Lauren is a registered psychotherapist in Colorado and is a 3rd Year Master’s degree candidate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University. Lauren works from a strengths-based, client-centered approach. She is also pursuing a certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy at the Denver Family Institute. Lauren is committed to social justice and inclusivity through understanding that challenges often are the result of larger systemic issues that marginalized groups face on a daily basis.

Lauren worked for 17 years in the beauty industry, both in corporate settings as a leadership trainer, coach and mentor as well as in entrepreneurial pursuits as a small business owner. Her experience and passion for helping people is apparent in her joyful presence and her ability to connect and relate to individuals and their experiences.


Sheyna HeadshotSheyna Button

Sheyna is a registered psychotherapist currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Somatic Body Psychotherapy at Naropa University. Guided by her compassion and inclusivity of all people, her goal is to help clients move through challenging emotions and reoccurring patterns that disconnect us from our intrinsic health and inner wisdom. Sheyna integrates traditional Western psychology with a body-centered and strength-based approach to encourage self-discovery and change. She has over two years of experience as a mentor and recovery coach for young adults enduring mental illness and substance abuse issues. She is trained in attachment styles, trauma informed care, neuroscience and addiction recovery. Sheyna believes through guided observations of physical sensations, we can access emotional material and deep places of healing to release stuck emotions and transform old, unhealthy thought patterns into empowered, fulfilling ways of living.



Eliza HeadshotEliza Gilmore

Eliza is a third-year graduate student in the Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling program at Naropa University. She works in a way that is client-centered, accepting, and non-judgmental. Eliza offers an orientation that is body-based, and believes in listening to the body and its wisdom. Eliza supports clients in growing self-awareness in their lives. She believes that this can help people feel more empowered to make choices that move them toward greater and more satisfying experiences of wellness. Eliza also recognizes and honors the basic sanity and intrinsic health in everyone.

Eliza values authentic relationship and uses various modalities to help clients come into deeper contact and connection with themselves, and with others. With a background in grief counseling, Eliza approaches therapy with a trauma-informed lens, and a non pathologizing perspective. Eliza is bilingual and has worked and lived outside of the United States, concentrating her time in South America and East Africa. She believes in cross-cultural understanding and connection, and values cultural humility and a social justice perspective which offer deep listening. Eliza finds it an honor to enter into the therapeutic relationship with people, and is hopeful about the healing that can occur in this space.

Rebecca HeadshotRebecca Guidera

Rebecca Guidera is a third-year Master’s Student in Clinical Mental Health. Her focus is in Somatic Counseling through the Body Psychotherapy track. She has worked at MESA and WINGS Foundation with adult survivors of sexual assault and abuse. She has also engaged with Boulder County Area Agency on Aging to provide one on one support with older adults. Rebecca believes that every being deserves the opportunity to live an embodied and fully authentic life. Through her work with trauma, crisis intervention, and individual and group support, she sees the foundational qualities of healing involve the body-mind connection and how the therapeutic relationship can provide encouragement, structure, and compassion for her client’s journey. Rebecca is also trained as a certificated yoga teacher and uses her learning of breath, movement, and introspection to offer tools and guidance for her clients to take with them in their everyday life. Her goal is to empower and hearten her clients through body awareness, empathetic communication, and therapeutic connection.


Anneva HeadshotAnneva Knapp

Anneva is a Colorado registered psychotherapist and third-year graduate student in Naropa University’s clinical mental health counseling program. She specializes in mind-body approaches to therapy; helping clients engage the body to work with uncomfortable emotions and other mental health, relational or transitional challenges. She is concurrently pursuing a certificate in subtle energy healing, which informs her self-care and will one day be incorporated into her counseling practice. These passions began over ten years ago in Minneapolis, when she ended her budding career as a ballet dancer due to the impact of ongoing interpersonal stressors on her immune system and susceptibility to chronic pain. Though difficult, these challenges helped her harness the power of body awareness to heal both body and mind.

Anneva is excited to be part of the team at Naropa Community Counseling, and to partner with clients as they consider their own transformation. She fosters a therapeutic relationship full of hope, compassion for self and others, and genuine curiosity. She is deeply honored by your consideration and looks forward to beginning the next phase of your journey with you.

Jeffrey HeadshotJeffrey Lang

Jeff is a third-year student in Naropa University’s Master’s program in Contemplative Psychotherapy. He has experience in working with addiction and childhood trauma. Working with individuals, families, and groups, Jeff uses a narrative approach, encouraging each person to reclaim their story, and fully embody their journey of recovery. Jeff is also a board member in the Four Corners Group Psychotherapy, and as such, is interested in the interpersonal relationships in each individual’s life. He encourages each client to find their own balance of autonomy, and community engagement. Through learning to open to the possibilities of growth and change, Jeff hopes to help clients facilitate their own, unique healing process.





Leanne HeadshotLeanne Masi

Leanne is a registered psychotherapist, currently pursuing a Master’s degree in somatic counseling with a concentration in body-psychotherapy. She is passionate about working in collaboration with her clients to promote their strengths and support their development in building relationship to themselves, others, and their environment. As a somatic therapist, Leanne works intentionally with the body through breath, sensation, feeling, emotion, and movement. With this approach, there is an appreciation that the client's personal history is comprised of not only of the verbal narrative but of the body’s innate wisdom as well..

Leanne’s therapeutic approach is supported by her current somatic studies as well as years spent as a massage therapist and a trauma-informed yoga teacher. She is interested in working with adolescents, adults, and families, particularly those who have experienced trauma. This interest is powered by her time spent as a facilitator of a WINGS support group for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse; the time spent with this group has deepened her appreciation for the resiliency the of the human spirit. With a commitment to social justice, Leanne holds trust in the transformative healing process and is dedicated to creating a supportive environment that honors the wisdom of each client. 

Bille HeadshotBillie-Rae McCauley

Billie is a registered Colorado psychotherapist in her final year as a master’s degree candidate in Clinical Mental Health counseling at Naropa University. With an emphasis on mindfulness-based psychotherapy and spirituality, Billie brings an open appreciation for each client’s strengths and values. Often we lose touch with our authentic selves in the midst of competing ideas and the “shoulds” from our environment. Billie sees her work as a process of coming closer to oneself through body awareness and non-judgmental observation of behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. Once we are able to see ourselves through a compassionate lens we are able to honor the innate wisdom we all possess.

With a background in the study of aging, developmental stages, chronic illness, pain management and substance misuse, Billie is committed to helping clients form healthy relationships to themselves and others. She offers a space for people to begin exploring their unique experience with kindness, humor, and openness. To achieve this, Billie uses tools from many modalities including, Gestalt, Attachment theory, somatic awareness, and Non-Violent Communication, with an over-arching client-centered ideology. Billie aims to empower clients through allowing space for the natural integration of the mind, body, and soul.

Julia HeadshotJulia Messing

Julia is in her final year as a master’s degree candidate in Clinical Mental Health counseling at Naropa University. Trained with a focus on mindfulness and the transpersonal aspects of our nature, Julia brings warm-hearted compassion and understanding to each client. Often painful past experiences come to live in our current realities and limit us from fully expressing ourselves in the present. Julia sees her task as helping clients to ‘clean the lens’ through which they view their lives, and honoring not only their pain but also the inherent wisdom evident in their feelings, thoughts and behaviors. In addition, Julia empowers clients to bring kindness and awareness to their present experience.

Coming from a background that includes finance, teaching and a BA in psychology, Julia brings experience as a clinician with trauma sensitive therapy, Non-violent Communication, the Hakomi method, somatic awareness, addictions and substance use. As a registered yoga teacher, Julia incorporates a trust in the innate therapeutic power of the body. Her theoretical orientation is grounded in Buddhist psychology, Gestalt awareness and client-centered approaches.

Christina HeadshotChristina Osborne

Christina is in her third year of the Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology program at Naropa University. She came to her work as a counselor after a 10-year corporate and government career in technology. She understands the courage it takes to step onto the journey of self-discovery, and respects your unique path, whatever shape it takes. She offers a trauma-informed, human-centered, collaborative approach that utilizes evidence-based practices, mindfulness techniques, present moment awareness, and aspects of neuroscience. Christina cultivates an environment of compassion, creativity, humor and non-judgment where clients can develop self-awareness and trust in their intrinsic health and well-being. Rooted in the belief that wisdom exists even amidst times of confusion, she supports people in examining their values and fostering their sense of choice in how they engage in the world. Christina is interested in supporting those who experience depression, anxiety, extreme mind states and issues surrounding relationships, sexuality and disability, and feels comfortable with a wide range of needs. 



Julie HeadshotJulie Ratinoff

Julie is a registered psychotherapist and a third-year graduate student in Naropa University’s Transpersonal Art Therapy program. Julie uses art and creativity as part of her clinical practice, believing art is innately therapeutic, whether a person considers themselves an artist or not. Combining art with therapy can help clients resolve conflicts and problems, generate self-expression, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, increase self-esteem, cope with trauma, foster self-awareness, and much more.

In addition to her twenty years of experience as an educator, Julie is a certified meditation instructor, certified relationship coach, Reiki practitioner and holds a Master’s degree in education. She also has training in Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy, Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT), and trauma informed art therapy. Julie is passionate about working with teens, families, relationships, sexuality, eating disorders and body image. When working with clients, she brings a sense of calm that is both nurturing and empathic. Julie provides comfort and stability to help clients discover their own inner strengths in order to facilitate the healing process.


Forest HeadshotForrest Ray

Forrest is a gentle listener with a big heart and offers an open compassionate space for one’s deep healing. He feels laughter should be honored as much as tears in therapy and invites it all. Forrest is completing his third year at Naropa’s Completive Psychotherapy & Buddhist Psychology program, emphasizing meditation, self-reflection, and self-compassion. Forrest’s therapeutic practice springs from his spiritual practice of Zen Buddhism, communal experiences, social justice, and his service in the U.S. military. He believes everyone has the natural ability to heal but due to adverse outer and inner conditions we suffer. Forrest offers a space to voice your truth, feel empowered, and to feel held.

Forrest uses a mixture of Acceptance Therapy, Play Therapy, Talk Therapy, Contemplative Exercises, and Somatic Exploration. He hopes by slowing down and feeling with his clients he can help co-create a greater sense of well-being and happiness.



Greg HeadshotGreg Rosenthal

Greg approaches therapy with a view that dignity and wholeness are inherent within an individual and he utilizes mindfulness and mind-body practices as part of the therapeutic relationship. Informed by his own extensive meditation practice, Greg puts compassion, non-judgment, and kindness at the forefront. He has an extensive background in community organizing and social justice work and has worked intimately with issues around poverty, criminal justice, trauma of war, gender and sexuality, addiction, and interpersonal violence. His work is trauma-informed and aware of the interplay between societal pressures and individual well-being.

Greg holds a Masters degree in Intercultural Communication and is currently finishing his second Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus in Contemplative Psychotherapy at Naropa University. He is currently pursuing his Certified Addictions Counselor certification. Greg is passionate about a range of experiences: depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, life transitions, cultural transitions, identity, oppression, and relationships.

Charlie HeadshotCharlie Spear

My name is Charlie.  I am a psychotherapist and a student of mindfulness-based clinical psychology at Naropa University.  If you are going through a difficult transition, experiencing loss of meaning, anxiety, depression, anger, unresolved trauma, or struggling in your relationship, I'm here to help.  I want to collaborate with you.  I want to support you, to enjoy the fullness of life, not just improving your symptoms but helping you find your inner peace, which I believe will restore your life and relationships.

As someone who is transitioning from a 20-year corporate career in software development and finance, I understand the complexity of working in the corporate world, while trying to maintain your individuality and struggling through life challenges. As well as working with individuals, I'm trained to work with couples in Stan Tatkin's Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT).  PACT is a methodology that helps couples move from conflict to intimacy more quickly by blending attachment theory, developmental neuroscience, and arousal regulations to make couples work more effectively.  It allows couples to learn each other's owner's manuals.
“You feel best when you’re loved for who you are, known as who you are, understood as you are.”  ~Stan Tatkin  


laurine headshotLaurine YoungJackson

Laurine is a registered psychotherapist in Colorado and is completing her final year of graduate school in Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University. She received her MA in School Psychology at Tufts University and has worked for several years in mental health and school guidance counseling. Laurine has supported both adults and adolescents struggling with shame, developmental wounding, anxiety, depression, identity formation, relationship challenges, and trauma.

Laurine is passionate about healing and growth. She has extensive therapeutic trainings outside of Naropa, and her approach to therapy is integral and eclectic. Laurine’s practice is client-centered, and she draws from Gestalt Therapy, Mindfulness practice, Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP), Time Line Therapy®, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), body-centered awareness, art therapy, and life coaching. Laurine cares deeply about her clients, and she brings creativity, compassionate authenticity, and empowerment into her therapeutic relationships. Laurine has lived in Taiwan, England and the U.S.; she is also bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese.


Extern Therapists

Philip K McBrain, MA, LPCC

McBrain photoWhether dealing with depression, anxiety; substance use, HIV, sexual orientation or a basic unhappiness, Philip believes that creating a meaningful, rich, satisfying life starts with awareness. He holds that many issues stem from entrenched, automatic patterns of thought, feeling and behavior and that without awareness of our patterns, we remain perpetually stuck in our old ways.

Incorporating elements of neuroscience, mindfulness-based and evidence-based methods, Philip helps you understand your core values and integrate your mind, body, and spirit. He works with your strengths to help you find your voice, motivation and courage to make the change you want. He encourages self-reflection and self-direction within a supportive ground while developing the opportunity for choices and empowerment.

Philip is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate and currently adjunct faculty at Naropa University where he received his Masters degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. He is also a pro bono psychotherapist with the Boulder County AIDS Project (BCAP). Philip’s background includes internship at Mental Health Partners, and a 20 year career as a technology professional. He left corporate America to pursue his vision of ‘work’ as a way to help others.

Special interests include codependence, addiction, the LGBTQ community, issues of aging, HIV/AIDS, and borderline personality disorder.  He is a member of the American Counseling Association, Colorado Group Psychotherapy Society, the Colorado Counseling Association, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and is a Kink Aware Professional.

What Our Clients Say...

  • "I liked that you used your intuition and expressed genuine compassion for all things I had to say. It felt like you were being an authentic human that has been through suffering and genuinely wanted to help me."

  • "[My therapist] is amazing, she is a great listener, amazing at holding space and all around [a] friendly human being."