Our Staff

Naropa Community Counseling is primarily staffed by third-year master’s degree students in Naropa’s Graduate School of Counseling and Psychology. All intern therapists undergo rigorous training and clinical supervision. Intern therapists have real life clinical experiences via a required field placement; many have also accrued significant clinical work experience prior to attending Naropa. Licensed staff members are always onsite for guidance and emergency intervention. Our Mindful Medicaid Team is composed of post-graduate practitioners who receive clinical supervision as well.


Joy RedstoneJoy Redstone, LCSW, CAC III 


Joy Redstone is a licensed clinical social worker and addiction counselor (CAC III), as well as being adjunct faculty at Naropa and University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. Joy received her Master’s degree in Social Work from Boston College in 1995 and completed post graduate certificates in addiction counseling and clinical supervision. She is a writer and artist, and contributes regularly to the Daily Camera. She began her career in Boston, MA and worked at Pine St. Inn and New England Medical Center.

Her work has focused on the intersection of mental health struggles, addiction, and oppression and has been characterized by a commitment to advocacy and social justice. She served as the Executive Director of Bridge House for 7 years and was recognized for excellence in service delivery. Joy began her work at Naropa in 2012, and has worked in alcohol and drug education before assuming the role of crisis clinician. She became Director of Naropa Community Counseling (NCC) in 2015.  Joy also serves as a Board President for the Grief Support Network.

Joy offers vision, planning and program design for NCC, as well as clinical supervision and training for interns. Joy’s therapeutic approach draws on motivational interviewing, her undergraduate degree in comparative religious studies, and uses mindfulness to address the existential questions of meaning and suffering that underlie much of our seeking. Joy’s background in social work and systems theory informs her commitment to the individual’s journey towards laughter, beauty and integration.

Clinical Supervisors

Sarah smiling.Sarah Gibson, CAC III 


Sarah Gibson is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Addictions Counselor who is passionate about counselor education.  She offers clinical supervision at the Naropa Community Counseling Center to Master’s level intern therapists.  Sarah’s professional career has included working in the field of substance abuse treatment, crisis counseling, and having a private therapy practice. Sarah earned her Master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and her Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech.   

Sarah’s therapeutic approach focuses primarily on healing trauma and attachment wounds.  Sarah’s approach to counseling is integrative, with a developmental theoretical focus. Her work and training includes Somatic Experiencing®, Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience (DAR-E)®, Motivational Interviewing, Chakra Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and mindfulness-based therapy.  In addition to being a counselor, Sarah is also a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, hatha yoga and Kripalu YogaDance® instructor. When Sarah is not working, she loves to spend time with her human and animal friends and family.

Bill in a black sweater.Bill Monroe, LCSW, LAC


Bill Monroe is a licensed clinical social worker and licensed addiction counselor. He received his master’s degree in social work in 2001 from the University of Washington. Bill’s professional background reflects one of his core values, to be on a path of continued growth and learning. As such, Bill has provided mental health and addiction recovery services in varied settings, from the outdoors (Wilderness Therapy), to primary care offices and hospital emergency rooms, to inpatient and outpatient programs. He has worked with clients of all ages and with diverse populations including Native Alaskan and Indian youth, homeless individuals, and our military veterans.  

Along with his experience as a therapist, Bill has been a coach, mediator, facilitator, clinical and administrative supervisor, and crisis clinician. Bill’s therapeutic style and interventions are informed by Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Brainspotting and Harm Reduction. When not at work, Bill is likely skiing in Colorado’s mountains, playing guitar with friends, or spending time with his family.



Mindful Medicaid Team

august perez headshotAugust Perez, focus on trauma, relationships and attachment issues 


August’s background in the mental health field has been primarily focused in crisis and trauma work, giving her over 8 years of experience in working with individuals, couples, and families to find healing and growth. After focusing on trauma and anxiety disorders in her undergraduate and graduate studies, August knew that she wanted to continue to work with those who experienced the sometimes intrusive and disruptive symptoms that these disorders bring. Her exposure to a diverse population has brought her many opportunities to work various roles, including family advocacy work, supporting youth in recovery, working with individuals experiencing crisis, and life coaching using mindfulness practices.

August’s approach to therapy is one centered on the client, couple, or family, and adapts to whatever is needed by that system. The mindfulness approach is one that keeps August’s therapeutic style grounded in the present moment and utilizes the therapeutic relationship itself as a vehicle of change and healing. August holds her LPCC and has her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology from Naropa University. 


Jeff LangJeff Lang (He/Him/His)

Jeffrey Lang, MA, LPCC is a working Psychotherapist, specializing in complex trauma, addiction, and anxiety. Jeff grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where his fascination with the human mind first manifested in a love for the arts and music. Jeff later earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Union Institute and University, in Brattleboro, Vermont. From there, Jeff moved to Colorado, and studied Contemplative Psychotherapy at Naropa University, in Boulder.

Jeff approaches working with his clients by nurturing the whole human being with compassion and open acceptance. Jeff’s goal with every client is to help the person sitting across from him to begin discovering what they want for the next chapter in their life.

Kristel EnglandKristel England

Kristel adapts to the needs of the client when offering art therapy and believes anyone can benefit from the creative power of engaging in mean-making through the art process. As a transpersonal art therapist, she believes that every person has the potential to tap into their creativity for health and healing. Art is for everyone, and no artistic skills are needed! Kristel will
work with you to discover your own way of using art or creative expression as a meaningful tool for personal insight. She currently offers telehealth art therapy sessions to clients and welcomes working with individuals.

Applying a person-centered, strengths-based approach to therapy, she also incorporates attachment, mindfulness, nervous system regulation, art-based DBT strategies, and PhotoTherapy techniques into her counseling style. Special interests include issues around grief and loss, bereavement, existential concerns, anxiety and depression, trauma, and life transitions.

Kristel’s background includes working with adults with severe mental conditions and elders in hospice care with cognitive decline along with their caregivers and families. Kristel is a registered psychotherapist and holds a Masters degree from Naropa University’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program with an emphasis in Transpersonal Art Therapy. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and dog, gardening, getting artsy, and listening to podcasts.

Sarah HaySarah Hay (She/Her/Hers)

Sarah has worked as a guide on international and wilderness expeditions, supported humanitarian assistance efforts abroad, and has served as a teacher and a mental health counselor in a variety of settings.

Sarah's practice often blends evidence-based Behavioral practices, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Behavioral Activation, with mindfulness practice, energy work and humor. She believes that each of us possess our own unique, clear voice of wisdom that guides us towards internal and external harmony. She hopes to support her clients in accessing this clarity. 

Sarah holds a Masters in Education from Harvard University and a Masters in Social Work, with a focus on Mental Health, from University of Washington. In addition to her clinical work with Naropa Community Counseling, Sarah serves as adjunct faculty with Naropa's Psychology undergraduate department. Outside of work, Sarah is a proud resident of Nederland, where she makes pottery, practices yoga and plays in the mountains with her family.


Intern Therapists

Barbora DolejsovaBarbora Dolejšová

As a registered psychotherapist in the final year of my Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I know how much determination and vulnerability it takes to engage with the process of therapy.  I believe therapy is most successful when both therapist and client embody our full humanity, so I bring to sessions the same courage, authenticity, and willingness to find light in darkness that I ask of my clients.  Together my clients and I navigate to the heart of their struggle, build awareness around how that struggle plays out in their body, emotions, and beliefs, and use the relationship of trust we gradually build as a resource for navigating to a place of more wholeness and balance.

I have worked with adolescents, adults, couples, and groups on issues of relationships, trauma, grief & loss, sexuality, eating disorders & body image, and early life material.  My experience as a birth doula has also given me deep insight into the mental health issues of pregnancy and postpartum.  I have been trained in a relationship-centered, trauma informed approach to therapy that takes into account social location, power dynamics, and oppression.  Additionally, I am currently training in Dynamic Attachment Repatterning (DARe), a body-based method of helping clients change how they experience relationships and close attachments.  I am always profoundly honored to be a part of my clients’ journey home toward an experience of life characterized by meaning, connection, and freedom. 

Braxton DudleyBraxton Dudley 

Braxton is currently finishing his final year at Naropa University’s Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling graduate program and is a registered psychotherapist. Over the past four years, he has primarily worked in psychosis recovery, as well as homeless services. He is also studying Internal Family Systems and currently training and employed by STAGES International, which is a peer-reviewed, integrally informed, developmental model for counselors. Prior to his formal training, Braxton’s experience with the healing arts began as a certified massage therapist, teaching mindfulness classes in Los Angeles, and spending a total of a year in silent meditation retreats.

Bringing warmth and presence to his sessions, Braxton hopes to assist his clients with entering into a deeper connection with all aspects of themselves, relationships, and life. In both his own journey, as well as his work with others, he has found that as we begin to contact and explore ourselves in a deeper way, our inherent health and wisdom begins to nurture our unresolved issues. With this practice, comes insights on how to navigate both our struggles and our strengths. Having deep faith in everyone’s personal process, he is honored to witness the vulnerability, resilience, and transformation that can occur in therapy.

Electra Byers

Electra Byers

Electra Byers brings a gentle curiosity to her clients' stories and mindfulness to their here-and-now experiences. She sees the inherent goodness in her clients and seeks to help them discover their innate wisdom and sanity. She is interested in transitions (the beginnings, ends, and in-betweens of any life stage), career, relationships, parenthood (including pregnancy desire, pregnancy loss, abortion), sexuality, trauma, social justice and body image. 

Electra has spent nine years working in sexual and reproductive health. She completed a practicum at Postpartum Wellness Center supporting women and their families during the perinatal period. She worked eight years in Planned Parenthood clinics and is most proud of her work managing the Boulder health center. Electra also draws from her personal experience as a mother.

She is a Colorado registered psychotherapist and in her third year in Naropa University’s Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology program. She also holds a Masters of Science in Marketing from the University of Denver and a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Eckerd College.

Elizabeth BruceElizabeth Bruce

Elizabeth is a registered psychotherapist and third year graduate student of Contemplative Psychotherapy at Naropa University.  Compassion and kindness for oneself and all beings is a foundational source in Elizabeth’s practice.  Elizabeth believes that everyone can benefit from the therapeutic process and is dedicated to helping clients discover and nurture their own inner potential.  She takes a strength-based and trauma-informed approach to therapy, using mindfulness techniques and body-centered awareness to help clients build and strengthen their psychological and physical wellness.  She roots her practice in a commitment to social justice.

Elizabeth integrates the arts, movement, and connection with the natural world into her therapeutic approach with clients.  This approach builds on her long-held interest in the human condition and self-expression.  She has a bachelor’s degree in both anthropology and studio art from the University of Vermont, extensive training in the movement arts including yoga and aerial dance, and experience in equine therapy. She is empathetic with an intuitive ear.  In her listening, Elizabeth constructs and holds a space of non-judgement while working with women’s groups, depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma, and grief. She welcomes working with individuals, couples, and families.


Hannah HorowitzHannah Horowitz

Hannah originally hails from Sonoma, California, and came into her own in New Orleans, Louisiana. Now in her third year of Naropa’s Transpersonal Counseling Program, Hannah is a registered psychotherapist and brings to her role with NCC experience in the fields of addiction science, yoga and mind-body modalities, motivational interviewing, and arts-informed education and counseling.

In her work, Hannah honors the complex mixture of the external and internal that fashion how we show up in this world. She has a particular love for helping people to engage with all pieces in themselves - from cultural influences to early childhood experiences to personality structures - and believes that by getting to know all parts of ourselves we can compassionately, wisely grow. 

Prior to coming to Naropa, Hannah received a BA in English and Sociology and an MA in English from Tulane University. She has experience teaching creative writing to people of all ages and backgrounds. Hannah believes that our use of language has a tremendous impact on our relationship to the world, and she is endlessly excited by the potential of the spoken and written word to reconstruct reality. Her favorite color is blue, her favorite tree is a redwood, and her favorite fruit is a raspberry.

Jamie LowryJamie Lowy

Jamie is a sunshine chasing, adventure seeking, and avocado loving, healer who constantly walks the path of personal growth and development. She once struggled with being in control, feeling overwhelmed, fighting perfectionism, and fear of the unknown – until she started living from a place of love. Jamie is grateful and proud of her journey as it has given her the ability to slow down, quiet her mind, and strengthen her connection to Spirit.

Jamie completed her undergraduate degree in Speech Language and Hearing Science with a minor in Linguistics at the University of Colorado Boulder, and is currently completing her Master of Arts in Counseling at Regis University. She works with young adults as a Life Skills Coach at Expanding Roots Wellness, is a registered psychotherapist, a certified Speech Language Pathologist Assistance, and a trained yoga teacher.

Jamie enjoys creating a comforting space for people to tap into their authentic selves. She is known to create small-stepping-stone routines that eliminate resistance. Jamie is skilled in a strengths-based approach and possesses the ability to listen with the whole self: heart, mind, body, and spirit. After clocking time with Jamie, her hope is that people will walk away with a deep breath and the knowledge that their unique story is heard, valued, and important. 

When she is not with clients, Jamie is practicing yoga, dancing to music, or traveling to a new country.

Jessica Allee WalshJessica Allee Walsh

Jessica Allee-Walsh brings heart, humor, and humility to her present-centered and somaticly-informed therapeutic approach. Jessica is a firm believer that the acceptance of all parts of our ourselves, our experience, and one another is foundational  in the healing of our relationships to ourselves and each other. Acceptance does not mean approval but it does include acknowledgement - we cannot transform that which is not above the line of awareness. Nothing is taboo and all of you is welcomed. Through resourcing her clients with tools to regulate their bodies and in turn support their growing tolerance for emotions and sensations, she is able to then act as a mirror to the inherent wisdom that is opened up in her clients through the process of healing awareness. Non-pathologizing, non-hierarchical, equitable, and client-centered would be ideals that she moves towards in her efforts toward the integration of the body, mind, and spirit of her clients.

Jessica received her BA in Psychology at Loyola University in New Orleans and is currently working towards her masters in Mindfulness Based Transpersonal Clinical Counseling at Naropa University. Jessica is proud of her New Orleans heritage and the wisdom she has gained as a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. Prior to pursuing her graduate degree, Jessica had successful careers in hospitality, sales, and as a yoga teacher. She also pursued acting, singing, and dance. Jessica has a deep appreciation for movement, the arts, nutrition, and meditation. Though born and raised in New Orleans, Jessica has a lot of life experience having lived as an adult in Santa Fe, NM; Houston, TX; St. Thomas, VI; Denver, CO; and now Boulder, CO. She is honored and called to be a witness to the healing of her clients.

Joanna LesterJoanna Lester

Joanna is a registered psychotherapist and fourth-year graduate student in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University. She has worked with individuals, families, and communities since 2012. Her approach to therapy is rooted in the central belief that all persons have the potential to transform their life. With a background in linguistics and early attachment theory, Joanna gently guides clients to develop and strengthen self-talk and relational communication skills.  She brings grounding, clarity, and authenticity to the therapeutic process in ways that encourage clients to claim and honor their capacity for resiliency and awareness. By incorporating Gestalt Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Past Reality Integration (PRI), multicultural counseling, and eco-social-justice ethics as her primary methods of treatment, Joanna empowers her clients to (re)connect with their authentic path of purpose. She has a passion for working with clients who are navigating issues like self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma, discrimination, cultural identity integration, body image, grief and loss, life transitions, survivors of sexual assault, and LGBTQIA2S+ community.


 Megan BestMegan Best

Megan is a third-year graduate student pursuing a Masters’ degree in clinical mental health counseling at the University of Northern Colorado.  She believes strongly in the capability of each person to forge their own path through life’s transitions, obstacles, and challenges. She views the counseling relationship as a tool to help individuals tap into their own inner wisdom and capacity for healing. Counseling is a spontaneous process that can be aided by mindfulness, humor, body awareness, role-play, artistic materials and media, or anything that becomes relevant and meaningful in the moment. Her honesty, authenticity, and willingness to be present and sit with another’s experience help her to create a safe and non-judgmental space for her clients. Special interests include relationship concerns, sexuality and sex positivity, body image, trauma, parenting and family issues, and spirituality.   

Megan’s prior experience includes years working with children and families as an elementary school teacher, and over a decade of experience living in an ashram as a certified yoga and meditation instructor. In her free time, she enjoys mountain biking, yoga, sewing, knitting, reading, and spending time with her 8-year-old son. 

Mercedes BeckerMercedes Becker

Mercedes is a registered psychotherapist and a graduate student in the Master’s of Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Regis University. She is a warm and creative clinician who draws from evidenced-based practices to provide an individualized counseling experience for each client. She believes the key to therapy is trust and aims to develop an authentic and sincere relationship with each of her clients.

Mercedes is passionate about the mental health field, and prior to becoming a therapist, worked with a diverse population of adult and adolescent clients in mental health crisis in the in-patient setting. She also worked as a researcher and published research on suicide prevention programming. She is gratified to support clients in overcoming suffering and achieving wellness through counseling.


Michael PetersonMichael Peterson

Michael is in his final year of the Contemplative Psychotherapy & Buddhist Psychology master’s program at Naropa University. He has supported clients working with anger and addiction and is also passionate about supporting those living with anxiety, depression, and grief. As a professional yoga and meditation teacher for over 10 years, Michael is inspired by the mind-body relationship. He has created sessions for private clients, group classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings.

Michael brings a grounding presence and mindfulness-based approach to therapy. His view is that the potential for change exists because our issues are learned and adaptive, not fundamental and stuck. Therapy can approach the question of how we each find our unique way, through our own strengths and support from others.

Outside of clinic work, he spends his time with family, making pottery, playing with free-form movement, and doing his best to rest.

Michele BeachMichele Beach

Michele works first and foremost to create a warm, trusting relationship with clients in order to meet each person exactly where they are.  She enjoys working with individuals, families and couples and uses approaches that emphasize the mind-body connection and an awareness of one’s thoughts and feelings.  In addition, she feels it is important to support clients in better understanding their patterns and relationship dynamics. She believes in utilizing techniques that best suit the particular individual and situation, as each person and family is unique.  She has experience working with grief, family conflict and divorce, children with special needs, adoption, as well as individuals with anxiety and depression.

Michele is a Registered Psychotherapist, with an MA in Educational Psychology, and is completing her third year in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University.  She has thirteen years of experience working with families through a non-profit, The Patchwork School, which she helped to found and direct. She also has offered Parent, Family and Couples Counseling at the Louisville Family Center since 2017.  In addition, she is a mother of three children, one who is adopted, and she feels her children have been both her greatest joy and best teachers. 

Rebecca CohenRebecca Cohen

Rebecca is a registered psychotherapist and is in her last year in the master of social work program at Metropolitan State University of Denver.  She believes strongly in the social work values of social justice, and self-determination. She is committed to global healing and making meaningful lasting changes. Rebecca has an undergraduate degree in civil engineering and worked in an engineering firm for ten years. Because of her diverse background, Rebecca provides a balanced approach, uniting both logistical problem solving and sincere emotional support, which she hopes can lead to deeper insight and reflection.

 Rebecca has a passion for supporting people wherever they are, using a strengths based perspective. She creates a safe and welcoming space in which people can explore and share their challenges. Rebecca approaches the therapeutic relationship with genuine empathy and an ability to deeply-listen. She naturally provides a comfortable environment filled with curiosity, lightness and laughter.

Rebecca approaches therapy through a systems lens. She is keenly aware that there are multiple dimensions that impact a person’s life from the global to the personal and incorporates the connection between a person’s environment, mind, body, and spirituality. This perspective is tied into her understanding of the diversity in the world and the prevalent inequalities that exist. She hopes to provide space for individuals to delve into these dimensions of their lives to foster growth, healing, and change.

Rhiannon Stone-Miller

Rhiannon Stone-Miller

Rhiannon helps her clients find their own direction by providing deep insight, warmth and support.  She supports the client in identifying the source of their issues, guiding them to find new directions and solutions.  The client is also encouraged to listen to what’s right for them in therapy and to practice this in their life.  Rhiannon offers various forms of therapy, and as a trained Transpersonal Art Therapist, invites the client to use art as a means of self-discovery.

Rhiannon’s transpersonal orientation includes the use of mindfulness, somatic awareness and art interventions to support the client’s individual healing and growth. Rhiannon’s personal healing within her family system and relationships provides her with insights to quickly identify and work to heal negative emotional and relational patterns. She incorporates a social justice lens, fostering a keen awareness of cultural humility and trauma sensitivity. Through her work with children and adults, she has found that each person holds an innate wisdom and desire to heal when met with presence. In her free time Rhiannon explores nature, creates art and spends time with her loved ones in the sunshine.


Sara LocaSara Loca

Sara is a registered psychotherapist and third-year graduate student in Naropa University's Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling program. With a strengths-based and client-led approach, she works with clients on their journey to uncover their inherent resilience, compassion, creativity and fulfillment. Sara’s somatic orientation was born in the seven years she spent teaching and the twenty years she’s passed practicing yoga and dance. Committed to social justice and inclusivity, she also incorporates systems and intersectional lenses. Born in Milan and raised in Minnesota, she is fluent in English and has intermediate proficiency in Italian. Her style incorporates Gestalt, nervous system regulation, attachment, spirituality and elements of positive psychology. Amongst her many interests, Sara is passionate about working with intergenerational, collective and individual grief and trauma, young adulthood, career transitions and family planning.

After a decade working in corporations and start-ups, Sara made a leap from communications to clinical mental health counseling. She’s had the opportunity to volunteer with the International Rescue Committee, Crisis Text Line, Free Arts Minnesota and Big Brothers Big Sisters. She is so honored to be a part of the Naropa Community Counseling team and deeply appreciates your consideration.

Zerach WeiderZerach Weider

Zeri’s own journey of self-exploration began at a very young age. He believes that the culture and family system of each individual is central to therapy work, and trusts in the healing nature of connection, playfulness, humour, and deep presence. Using a mixture of modern psychoanalysis, with neuro-biologically researched and trauma-informed somatic and mindfulness practices, he believes that “good therapy” is a truth-seeking venture, about learning how better to express, understand, and relate to what we are feeling - in the moment - in order to relinquish the hold of both past and present distresses. The goal is not necessarily to change, but to practice deeper acceptance; the more we come to accept, the more we come to grow into the people we most want to be. Through somatic experiencing, hakomi, sensorimotor, gestalt, PACT, authentic movement, and other therapy modalities, Zeri works with individuals, couples, and groups. Particular therapeutic interests of Zeri’s are in the areas of life-transitions, grief, loss, chronic pain and illness, cancer, trans-generational trauma, as well as the creating and building of healthy and functional relationships. 

Zeri is from Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is in the final year of his Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Naropa University. He is a writer, a martial arts practitioner, and adores traveling and living in less-developed regions of the world.


What Our Clients Say...

  • "I liked that you used your intuition and expressed genuine compassion for all things I had to say. It felt like you were being an authentic human that has been through suffering and genuinely wanted to help me."

  • "[My therapist] is amazing, she is a great listener, amazing at holding space and all around [a] friendly human being."