Celebrating Latine Heritage Month!

Dear Beloved Naropa Community,

We are proud to honor the vibrancy and richness of our Latinx Community as we celebrate Latine Heritage Month 2022! The influence of the Latine community is vast with influence and values deeply woven across Colorado and in the Boulder community, the physical home of Naropa. We celebrate the Latine community month as an endeavor to center Latine and Latinx voices.

This is a time to remember, redefine, and reimagine the future we want to live in. Historically we honor this month by remembering the independence movements of Latine Americans from colonization. September 15th marks the Independence of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. México celebrates their Independence on the 16th, Chile on the 18th and Belize on the 21st. Today, over 62 million Latine people live in the United States, with 1.2 million of those people living in Colorado, many born here, some recently immigrated here, and some with ancestry to this land when México governed much of the Southwestern United States, including Colorado, and some with ancestry tied to this land dating back some 13,000 years ago to Mesoamerica. The origin and family stories of those with Latine heritage is the story of Colorado regardless of immigration status or other legalistic credentials and we celebrate all.

At Naropa we look to redefine what it means to be in solidarity with those in our community working towards liberation and equality for all Latine(x) people. Language is central to the evolution of liberation and one way we bridge right relations. The term Latinx represents a non-binary, gender neutral group of people who come from or whose descendants come from Spanish speaking countries in North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean. Latinx was created by LGBTQ+, nonbinary, feminist communities in Latin America. We recognize that Latine is also a gender-neutral term that is used in place of Latinx, as some Indigenous people reject the use of the letter “x,” which can be difficult for spanish speakers to pronounce, and was forced on by colonial language. In Naropa’s commitment to promote inclusivity and learning as a community we thought it was important to name this and provide more information with an understanding that the right way to honor and celebrate Latine(x) people is simply to ask individuals their chosen preference.

We hope that you can join in the celebrations this month!

On campus celebrations include:

Free Bachata Dance Lesson

Wed. Sept. 21, 12–1:20pm MT and virtual (http://naropa.zoom.us/my/meditationhall)

Cultural Center at Cedar Cottage, Arapahoe campus

Shake your hips and move those feet as we celebrate with a free Bachata dance lesson from Naropa’s own Moises Hinojosa, will be honoring a tradition with roots in the Dominican Republic and performed all across the world. No experience required, open to all!


“Days of the Dead”

Wed. on October 26. 12–1:20pm MT and virtual (http://naropa.zoom.us/my/meditationhall)

Cultural Center at Cedar Cottage, Arapahoe campus

World Wisdom’s professor and proud Mexican-American, Netanel Miles-Yépez, will lead us in building an Days of the Dead Ancestral Community Altar, inspired by El Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead. While el Dia de los Muertos is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, the days leading up to the celebration are equally important, as the dead begin their journey back to this world and families prepare to welcome departed ancestors.


Other events happening around the Front Range: 

Events in Denver Events in Boulder Events in Lafayette 


For further resources: 



https://remezcla.com/culture/raizado-festival-aspen-the-latinx-house-2022/ ·  




This statement was written in collaboration with contributions by: the Division of Mission Culture and Inclusive and the President’s Office.