Fall Arts Concert

Experimental / Versatile / Fierce / Celebration


Friday Night
* Bonte Lane Path of Kindness- singing bowls, recorded track & rap
w/ Pamela Rosenthal
* Mihaito- weirdos doing weird cat stuff
w/ Chie Saito & Ryan Mihaly
* JKS performance reading
w/ Eric Shoemaker
* West Coast Swing/Modern Partner dance
w/ Dennis Kerr & Casandre Elyse Medel
* ‘Lights On’
w/ 1st yr cohort, MFA Performance
* ‘Wisdom of the Body’
w/ class ensemble
* ‘UnderConstruction’- Musical number and Barbarshop Quartet
w/ 2nd yr cohort, MFA Performance
* ‘Breathing is Meaning’                                                                                                                            w/ class ensemble

* ‘Wisdom of the Body 1’
w/ class ensemble
* Duet: Voice & Guitar, original composition
w/Brittany Wolfe & Alvaro Saldaña
*Dance Studio I – Lights, Thematics, Dance!
w/ class ensemble

Saturday Night
* DolphinHawk & Purple Lightning Bolts – indie improv. fusion
w/ Levi Marinucci &
* Piano & Vocals
w/ Morgan Kusmer
* Original music for piano, bass, and trumpet
w/ Layla Ghiasi
* Hugh Manatee Band
* “The Fiddle and the Drum” by Joni Mitchell a cappella
w/ Fiona Small
* Nasty Women – Aerial Dance, Acro dance, Video
w/ Casandre Elyse Medel & #CreativeCollaborative thesis performers ')}