New Masters in Resilient Leadership Program

Photo by Jaq Poussot

Our new Masters in Resilient Leadership program in the Environmental Studies Department at Naropa University has received kudos from colleagues, friends and alumni from round the US and the world.

Learn more about our new Resilient Leadership Master of Arts here.

Colleagues in Bhutan have been particularly enthusiastic because they live in a country that places care for the planet front and center. Being committed to Carbon Neutrality, measuring development with their guidelines for Gross National Happiness and practicing proactive land conservation such as their commitments to:

  • Maintain at least 60% of the land area under forest cover,
  • Designate more than 40% of its territory as national parks, reserves and other protected areas,
  • & Commitment to further 9% of land area as biodiversity corridors linking the protected areas,

they know what it takes to be resilient in the face of global challenges and lead towards a just and sustainable world. As part of Naropa’s longterm collaborative relationship with Bhutan, Professor of Environmental Studies Dr. Anne Z. Parker will be leading this spring 2017 semester abroad program for Naropa University with the Royal University of Bhutan. Our close collaborations with Bhutan came out of their respect for Naropa’s educational aspirations that mirror their own.

Photo by Jaq Poussot


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