Colorado Pilgrimage: Bringing It to a Close


This post is part of a series highlighting alums Erica Hocking and Sherry Gobaleza’s six-week pilgrimage on the Colorado Trail. Learn more about the pilgrimage here. They are asking people to give to Naropa in honor of their pilgrimage – all donations go towards scholarships for Naropa students.

Below, read the latest update from Erica :

Good morning!

After a delay… Here are some last images I will send from the pilgrimage. They are from the San Juan mountains where we visited mines, crossed high passes, worked with more illness (this time I had a fun chest cold), walked and prayed a whole bunch, sat in ceremony.

In one sense the journey has ended. In another sense it has only begun; the walking, praying, dreaming, connecting, illness and so on has been preparation for what we don’t know, perhaps for simply being in the world with more awareness and sensitivity.

We feel we can say that our education at Naropa has supported our ability to face painful histories in our selves, the land, the world, and to turn toward that pain with hope, the confidence to act, and to approach the world with open arms. Our journey, we realize as we reflect, asked of us to slow down partially in order to feel.

We wonder what might we have missed had we focused only on walking a certain number of miles, a specific quantity each day? Sometimes moving quick does not allow for the heart to stay open. It is an open heart that warriors must hold.


Finally, somewhere between Silverton and Durango, a cold and very wet front came in. After weathering it and with health concerns, we made the choice to walk down 20 miles to the road instead of continuing on the Colorado Trail to the very end.

It has been remarkable! We are grateful for everyone’s support! We are grateful to Mother Earth and ancestors for holding us and guiding us. We are inspired to keep going and to stand with all who stand with the earth! Many blessings,

Erica, Sherry, Nala


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