Holding Multiple Worldviews as a Key for Ecological Transformation

by Jeanine Canty, PhD, Associate Professor in Environmental Studies & Environmental Leadership at Naropa University

I am honored to have my article, “Walking Between Worlds: Holding Multiple Worldviews as a Key for Ecological Transformation” published in the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies. This piece reflects much of the work I do as an Environmental Leadership and Environmental Studies faculty member at Naropa. While our programs addressing ecological issues include multiple dimensions from looking at policy, activism, justice, hands-on work, and employing new innovations, at the heart of our work is changing the environmentalistunraveling our assumptions and behaviors and aligning them with perspectives and practices that serve the widest circles of life. In the courses I teach, my students unravel their assumptions of self, society, and nature, and begin to expand their identities and actions in ways that serve all of the living community.


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