2008 Recycle Mania Competition Results

Over the ten-week Recycle Mania Competition, Naropa University held position in the top five in three different categories. We were in first place for eight weeks! That is a wonderful effort considering we were participating along with 400 of the nation's top universities.

The final results for Naropa University are following:

2nd in Grand Champion
2nd in Waste Minimization
4th in Compost (organic materials)

Grand Champion—cumulative percentage of diverted recycled materials

  1. California State University, San Marcos: 75.69%
  2. Naropa University: 75.52%
  3. Rutgers University: 63.47%
  4. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering: 53.58%
  5. New Mexico State University, Main Campus: 52.31%

Waste Minimization—cumulative landfill trash in pounds per person

  1. Northwest State Community College: 19.98
  2. Naropa University: 21.94
  3. Mount St. Mary's University: 30.39
  4. Western Michigan University: 40.53
  5. Trinity University: 43.15

Food Service/Compost—cumulative food waste in pounds per person

  1. Rutgers University: 50.78
  2. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: 21.25
  3. University of California, Davis: 19.94
  4. Naropa University: 10.27
  5. Furman University: 2.51