Meet Tim Hernandez

Tim Hernandez

Program Coordinator, Colorado Center for the Book

BA, Writing & Literature, '07

What is your personal mission statement?

No such thing as impossible.

What is your greatest achievement?

My children, my books (Skin Tax, a book of poetry and winner of the 2006 American Book Award, and Breathing, In Dust, a novel and winner of the 2010 Premio Aztlan Literary Prize), a degree from Naropa.

What made you the happiest at Naropa?

Meeting like-minded individuals who have become lifelong friends.

What do you tell people about your years at Naropa?

It was well worth it.

What aspects of your Naropa education do you carry with you?

An open approach to all things in life and career.

How do you take Naropa to work?

In each breath.

What are you most passionate about?

Striving for an authentic experience in all I do.