Meet Gaylon Ferguson

Gaylon Ferguson

Associate Professor
Interdisciplinary Studies and Religious Studies

Author of Natural Wakefulness: Discovering the Wisdom We Were Born With, which was included in The Best Buddhist Writing of 2010.

Describe your teaching philosophy

Teaching and learning are collaborative activities; everyone in the classroom is working together, speaking and listening to establish a learning community. When this happens, there is a sense of the intelligence shared by the entire group. But the most important thing is cultivating the field, like good organic farmers who take care of the land so that it sustains us.

What do you most value about Naropa?

Contemplative education, which aims to develop the entire person. It's a holistic vision of joining intellect and intuition, head and heart. When we are in touch with our human-heartedness, we think, feel, and act compassionately. In this sense, a Naropa education is a step toward a more enlightened society.

How have you transformed since coming to Naropa?

What takes place in the classroom has become more aligned with the values articulated above. I am grateful for the space to explore, to improvise and make mistakes, to learn collectively.