Contemplate and Wake Up

"The point is not to abandon scholarship but to ground it, to personalize it, and to balance it with the fundamentals of mind training, especially the practice of sitting meditation so that inner development and outer knowledge go hand-in-hand... A balanced education cultivates abilities beyond the verbal and conceptual to include matters of heart, character, creativity, self-knowledge, concentration, openness, and mental flexibility."

—Judy Lief, trustee and former Naropa University president

At Naropa University, while you're learning what you need to be successful in your future career, you'll do it in a contemplative educational environment that invites you to "wake up" through meditation training and practice. What you'll gain is the ability to be calm and maintain focus in stressful environments. This will benefit your studies, help you in your career, and give you a valuable edge in any of your endeavors.

Develop Inner Wisdom and Outer Knowledge

Naropa University has offered undergraduate and graduate-level contemplative education for more than thirty years. Informed by ancient Eastern educational philosophies, contemplative education at Naropa joins rigorous liberal arts training with disciplined training of the heart.

Naropa students engage in mindfulness awareness practices to cultivate being present in the moment and to deepen their academic study. Woven into the fabric of the curriculum are practices that include sitting meditation, tai chi chuan, aikido, yoga, Chinese brushstroke, and ikebana. Through such a focused self-exploration, you will acquire valuable new abilities to:

  • Be present in learning environments, including in the classroom and during every day of your life
  • Engage in active listening with an open mind
  • Analyze a subject from multiple viewpoints
  • Integrate what has been learned with your personal experience

Cultivate Your Inner Wisdom

Integrating the thinking mind and the feeling heart allows you to reflect internally and connect with your sources of inner wisdom. This, in turn, improves your ability to work through your emotions, see options, analyze viewpoints, and ultimately make better decisions.

Through Naropa University's unique mission to educate the whole person, you'll encounter contemplative practices that will "wake you up" so that when you graduate, you'll not only have a degree, but you'll also be a more wholly developed person.