Alternative Transportation

Naropa University recognizes the positive ecological, physical and economic benefits of alternative transportation and provides all students with the RTD Eco-Pass giving free access to RTD Buses. Naropa University also gives all students free access to Naropa's Bike Fleet. The expanding population of Boulder County is causing increased traffic congestion, dangerous air pollution levels, with this comes a need for alternatives. Naropa University's Arapahoe Campus has limited parking and students, staff and faculty are encouraged to find alternatives to parking on campus. Transportation is an issue of ecological and personal health rather than just convenience.

Boulder and the surrounding Front Range have an extensive bus and bicycle commuter system in place. The City of Boulder won Bicycling Magazine's Best City for Cycling award in 2006. RTD gives you the option of riding your bike to the bus stop and putting your bike on the bike rack at the front of the bus. The combination of buses and bikes makes it easy to commute without a car while attending Naropa University. If you add the car-share program to these tools of alternative transportation it makes it very easy to live a virtually car free life in Boulder. The Transportation Office encourages students to customize their means of travel to their situation. The transportation modes are presented below to help students in their planning.

Naropa's Bike Shack

At present Naropa has 35 bicycles that all students faculty and staff have access to for free. The bikes can also be rented by Naropa Alumni and visitors of Naropa's campuses for a small fee. Bicycles can be checked out for a week at a time and are maintained by Naropa's Bike Shack. There are a few things to keep in mind before checking out a Naropa Bike Fleet bike:

  • Naropa bikes are for commuting only.
  • Although bikes are free, you are responsible for theft, damage and late fees.
  • Bikes must be returned weekly for check-ups.
  • A student ID is required to check out a bike.
  • Bikes may only be checked out in person and are subject to availability

RTD Smart Card Bus Passes

All students are provided with a Smart Card bus pass usable on all RTD routes throughout the Denver metro area. The smart card comes included with tuition. Don't forget to ask for yours when you get your I.D. Visit the RTD website more information and to use their Trip Planner.

Carpooling/Permit Sharing

There are multiple options in the carpool or rideshare area. If you get dropped off in the morning, we can help get you home, through bus, bike or carpooling. This is a great way to avoid having to park.

Share the cost of a semester parking permit with your car share partner. You save money, wear and tear on your car, and only use one parking spot—a win-win situation.

Don't have a car? Want to use that HOV lane on the long commute? Sign up for Way To Go's ride share program and get matched with people who make a similar commute and would like to share a ride. Learn more at WayToGo website

Boulder Car Share Program

This program offers membership to individuals who would prefer not to own their own vehicle. Members would use alternative transportation modes around town and have access to a rental car for $1/hour and 50¢/mile. Naropa students and staff receive a discount on the sign-up fee through Boulder Car Share. There is currently a Honda Insight located on the Arapahoe Campus and a Saturn four-door station wagon on the Paramita Campus. Boulder Car Share members enjoy free VIP parking on the 2130 Arapahoe Campus, located just south of the Sycamore building.

Biodiesel Option

If you must drive, consider using a cleaner burning, renewable and nearly Carbon Neutral fuel produced entirely in the United States. Boulder has several Biodiesel vendors, including Boulder Gas on 28th and Valmont and Bartkus Oil a card-lock fuel station on Pearl and Frontier.

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