Health Care and Insurance

Naropa requires all undergraduate students and urges all international students to have medical insurance of some kind. Health care in the United States is very expensive and an uninsured illness or accident can result in enormous debt and/or insufficient care.

Each semester undergraduate students must purchase health insurance through the University or provide proof that they are insured in some other way. The cost of Naropa University health insurance is currently approximately $579 fall, $542 spring semester and $226 for the summer (around $110 a month). Other international student health insurance plans may be less or more expensive, depending on the age of the student. For information on some other plans see:;; (Sentry Plan II);

Naropa University does not have a student health clinic. Students who purchase the Naropa heath insurance plan can search for phyhsicians on the website of the health insurance provider. Other students must locate health and dental care on their own. For information on health resources in Boulder County see Boulder County Resources.