Naropa University Counseling Center
for Students

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The On-Campus Counseling Center is dedicated to supporting the overall well-being and the transformational journey of all Naropa University students both undergraduate and graduate. We are now located in Juniper Cottage on the Arapahoe Campus. Visit MyNaropa for information about scheduling appointments. You must login to view the information. 

The mission of the Naropa University Counseling Center is to meet the emotional and mental health needs of Naropa students in support of the University's mission. We seek to combine the contemplative and modern clinical worlds to offer cutting edge and creative mind-body- spirit approaches to emotional health and healing.

Entering a new college can be accompanied with multiple transitions, opportunities and challenges. Naropa's counseling services provide psychological, emotional and developmental support as you move through your student journey to support your growth and developing maturity.

A Naropa counselor can assist you through a confidential process in dealing with such issues and problems of life as: making difficult life choices, managing conflicts in personal, family or school life, coping with stress and anxiety, dealing with depression or anxiety, improving a troubled relationship, grieving losses, healing the wounds of emotional, physical or sexual abuse, addiction recovery and others.

The Counseling Center is part of the Student Affairs Office and its services include:

  • consultation
  • initial assessment
  • evaluation
  • individual, and couple counseling and psychotherapy
  • group therapy
  • crisis intervention through our Crisis and Outreach Coordinator during regular business hours
  • after hours call-in crisis line
  • psycho-educational workshops
  • community referrals to supportive services and resources