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Naropa University's Strategic Plan:
"Deliver Distinction with Excellence"

The Naropa University Board of Trustees and the other groups that have been deeply involved in strategic planning—the meta team, the stewardship team and senior staff—voted unanimously in September 2008 to accept Naropa's strategic plan, "Deliver Distinction with Excellence." This vote followed a spirited and honest set of daylong conversations and brought to a conclusion the process that so many have been involved in over the past several years. The need for such a plan originally came about as the board and president recognized the imperative for Naropa to attain greater focus and sustainability in its activities and aspirations. Accomplishing the powerful, ambitious goals set forward in the plan will truly transform Naropa's culture. This will require courage and hard work from Naropa community members, but the result will be a future that will enrich in new ways all who are associated with Naropa: students, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni and friends. It is a breakthrough moment in Naropa's history, both in our own judgment and in that of board members who have been engaged with Naropa since the institution's founding in 1974. 

View Strategic Plan Approved by the Board of Trustess (PPT).

Plan Outline

Our goals in creating the plan:

  • Strengthen the educational experience for students
  • Provide students with knowledge, skills, and contemplative training to enhance their effectiveness in the broader world
  • Make Naropa more financially sustainable
  • Compensate faculty and staff at a level comparable to peers at similar institutions
  • Enhance the university's overall sense of community

To achieve these goals, the plan calls for:

  • Defining Naropa's distinctiveness and what it delivers
  • Increasing the size of the university, both in terms of on-campus and online enrollment
  • Improving and creating new facilities, including classrooms and a community and learning center
  • Offering additional student housing
  • Broadening the curriculum by adding new academic courses
  • Providing enhanced levels of student support through counseling, mentoring and better preparation for careers after Naropa
  • Implementing a comprehensive five-year plan to raise faculty and staff salaries, accompanied by new investments in training and development
  • Strengthening and integrating diversity
  • Cost savings that Naropa will attain through operating more efficiently and sustainably