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Tamira Jenlink

Adjunct Faculty


MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology - Adjunct Faculty


MA Naropa


My private practice is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to trauma-based responses encompassing: mood disorders, self image concerns, addictions, and secondary trauma. I am currently developing a working model for this approach entitled: Movement and Mindfulness Based Repatterning (MMBR.) The current model works to distinguish specific thought and chemical patterns unique to each client, and develop customized treatment approaches based on these findings which target diet, exercise, meditation and mindfulness activities in concert with individual therapeutic interventions.     My current research interests include the use of bio/neurofeedback as tools to formulate a deeper understanding of accurate interventions effective for each client. Specifically, I am particularly interested in different types of exercise and movement and their relationship to neurotransmitter, hormonal and psychophysiological changes in the body which produce desirable and efficacious longterm changes.