Anne Zonne

Anne Zonne
Parker | 303-546-3558

Professor, Environmental Studies | Program Lead, MA Environmental Leadership
Core Faculty


BA in Environmental Studies
MA in Environmental Leadership


PhD, Geography, University of Oregon
MA, Geography, University of Oregon
MA, Inner Asian Studies, Indiana University
BA, Conservation of Natural Resources, University of California–Berkeley

Areas of Specialization:

  • Geography
  • Environmental Studies
  • Leadership Skills
  • Tibetan History
  • Himalayan Studies
  • Ethno-Botany and Land Use
  • Pilgrimage and Sacred Landscape
  • Earth Based Spiritual Traditions
  • Geomancy and Sacred Geometry

Anne Parker is a full-time faculty member in the Environmental Studies Department. She is passionate about serving life and renewing our connection and deep reverence for the Earth. IShe teaches innovative classes in physical and cultural geography, leadership skills, the new science, applied leadership and a wilderness solo course. Anne has lived, traveled, and studied extensively throughout the Himalayas and Central Australia. Before coming to Naropa, she taught geography and international studies at the University of Oregon, was the program director at Interface in Boston, and directed the national Buddhist organization, the Dzogchen Foundation. She has received Fulbright and NSF grants for her work on traditional agriculture in Bhutan, Nepal and India. Anne led wilderness expeditions for many years with the Sierra Club and Marble Mountain Expeditions, and she leads pilgrimages in Tibet, Bhutan, and the Himalayan region. Anne has studied and practiced for more than thirty years in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. In addition, she has studied extensively in European earth-based traditions.

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