Allen Ginsberg Graduate Fellowship

The Allen Ginsberg Graduate Fellowship is awarded annually to an incoming MFA Creative Writing & Poetics student. The recipient will receive full funding (tuition and fees) and an $8,000 stipend as well as a Graduate Instructor position.

To be considered for the fellowship, MFA applicants must submit all required program application materials, as well as the following supplementary materials by the December 15th, 2014 deadline:

Three-page Cover Letter

Describe your interest in serving as a fellowship recipient and future ambassador for the Jack Kerouac School. What strengths might you bring to the position? Discuss your knowledge of innovative/experimental writing and interest in the Kerouac School lineage, current faculty, and curriculum. In the first year of the fellowship, the recipient will work on events, a journal, or conduct research. Describe any relevant experience you may have in these areas. In the second year of the fellowship, the recipient will have an opportunity to teach. Discuss your interest in studying writing pedagogy and serving in the classroom. Please also describe any previous teaching experiences and your teaching philosophy.

Critical Writing Sample

Submit a 10-page critical writing sample with Works Cited.

Apply online to the MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics program.