Undergraduate Employment

Federal College Work-Study

Federal College Work-Study is a federally funded program that is awarded as part of a need-based financial aid package. Eligible students can work from five to twenty hours per week within the university at a pay scale ranging from $8 to $10/hour, subject to taxation.

Students receive a monthly paycheck for the hours worked each month; funds are not applied to a student's tuition bill. Although there is a large work-study program for the university, employment is not guaranteed for every student.

If a student has not found a position by September 20 for the fall or February 20 for the spring, then the student forfeits the work-study award for that semester unless the student is actively working with Human Resources to secure a position. Click here for current work study positions.

Work-Study Handbook

Please review the Work-Study Handbook for information regarding work-study as a form of employment with Naropa University.