Students, faculty, & staff engage in service project

For the Greater Good

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.”
—Martin Luther King, Jr. Letter from a Birmingham Jail

At Naropa, we see mindfulness and looking inward as intimately tied to a life of service and contributing to the social good. Naropa's contemplative approach to academic service learning empowers you to draw inspiration from your personal challenges, build connection to your community, and gain the confidence and focus needed to discover your path and set forth.

Through this dynamic process, you will learn that you are interdependent with all others and come to feel aware of, and connected to, the joys and sufferings of the whole Earth community. You will begin to recognize that true transformation can never be only personal. It naturally and inherently involves not only an authentic relationship with yourself, but also with others, the human community, and the world.

Through service learning, internships, volunteer placements, and independent and collaborative research projects, you will apply the insights cultivated in the classroom to real-world challenges.

As a Naropa student, you will experience diverse opportunities for community engagement inside and outside the classroom. In the graduate schools you'll pursue professional training as artists, chaplains, educators, environmental leaders, therapists, scholars, and writers. At both the undergraduate and graduate levels, you will learn to attend to and care for the inner dimensions of experience while also developing knowledge, skills, and artistry in the context of a lively community dedicated to meeting the world as it is and changing it for the better. 

Visit our alumni profile page to see some of the many ways our graduates are contributing to the social good.