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 Naropa University Alumni Association

ASK Alumni Sharing Knowledge

ASK is a new program launched in spring 2014 and includes a series of free webinars, facilitated by Naropa University alumni, for the Naropa community (students, alumni, staff, faculty and guests). We are excited to offer a way to share the expertise and talent of our alumni with the broader Naropa community, without the limits of geography! Naropa alumni are encouraged to consider submitting a proposal to facilitate a 45 minute webinar, on a specific, relevant topic. For questions and more information, please contact Sarah Worzer, Alumni Relations.

Alumni Advisory Circle

At Naropa, we're always working to better serve our alumni. We  established the Naropa Alumni Advisory Circle to gain insights from our valued alumni on how to improve alumni programming and communications.

The Alumni Advisory Circle provides guidance, input, and feedback to the Office of Alumni Relations. Members of the Alumni Advisory Circle have previously held key leadership roles, including working as past alumni relations staff members and serving as members of the Board of Trustees. Circle members include:

  • Gabrielle Edison '88
  • Sam Elmore '07
  • Steve Grad '98
  • Pamela Krasney '83
  • Heather Philipp '02
  • Jeff Price '97
  • Nick Vail '05
  • Brooks Witter '05

Regional Volunteers

  • Act as a central contact for alumni, parents, prospective students, new graduates, and the Naropa University Alumni Association.
  • Serve as a university ambassador at events determined by the University (alumni events, faculty visits, presidential visits).
  • Plan the occasional informal event (social events, professional networking events).
  • Assist in determining a location for a University event in their region.
  • Distribute promotional emails inviting people to attend upcoming event in their area.
  • Assist alumni relocating to their area.

View a list of our Alumni Regional Volunteers.

Naropa Student Alumni Council (NSAC)

As student and alumni volunteer group, the Student-Alumni Council works with the Naropa Alumni Association to develop positive relations and interactions among students and alumni.

The mission of NSAC is to bring students and alumni together and to enhance the student experience by providing opportunities to connect with alumni for personal and professional development.
NSAC exists to:

  • Create a university that fosters a sense of community and supports a lifelong commitment to Naropa
  • Bring together students, alumni, and friends of the university in a variety of special events and projects
  • Increase the understanding alumni have of their alma mater and its current students
  • Share with current students the vital role alumni play in the continued success of Naropa
  • Develop connections between students and alumni to support everyone's professional journey

For more information and/or to join NSAC, please contact Sarah Worzer, Alumni Relations,

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