Naropa! Magazine

Fall 2013 Issue

The fall 2013 issue of Naropa Magazine highlights one of the three pillars of a Naropa education: stewardship & sustainability. We're excited to share some of our curricular innovations, including Naropa's new curricular arc and the Roving Professors Project. We'll also highlight some of our alumni's groundbreaking work in addressing the multidimensionality of stewardship and creating a more just and sustainable world.

Spring 2013 Issue

The Spring 2013 issue of Naropa Magazine highlights bold directions and innovation at Naropa—both in terms of new curricular development and through the work of our dedicated alumni. With plans in the works for Naropa's Sixth School, and new offerings in Contemplative Judaism, Art Therapy, and Film & Media Studies, we're expanding the horizons of contemplative education. We're also proud to feature the cutting-edge work of our incredible alumni, making their mark across the globe.

Fall 2012 Issue

The fall 2012 issue of Naropa Magazine focuses the ways Naropa provides a home for the emerging social entrepreneur. In this issue, you will be introduced to several alumni who are social entrepreneurs—innovative individuals who have elected to be effective problem solvers across sectors. They are committed to balancing sustainable and ethical economic action with concern about the effect of that action on all people who are directly or indirectly impacted by the work. They demonstrate respect for diverse perspectives and diverse experiences, and the impact on the environment.

Spring 2012 Issue 

The spring 2012 issue of Naropa Magazine focuses on the many contributions our faculty make to the quality of a Naropa education. In the words of President John W. Cobb, "Naropa faculty are to be lauded, far beyond their job descriptions, for how they constantly spark this individual and collective transformation, modeling it, carrying the wonder in and out of the classroom, constantly inspiring us to go beyond the particular discipline or craft—and beyond ourselves."

Fall 2011 Issue 

One way Naropa University meets its mission of preparing its graduates to meet the world as it is and change it for the better is through course work that incorporates community-based learning. As students gain real-world experience during their engagement in the community, they are supplementing their intellectual understanding of the materials they are studying in class with wisdom that comes from the heart. Additionally, their efforts forge strong connections between the university and larger community.

Spring 2011 Issue: The New Leader (PDF)