Audio Visual Equipment

A variety of equipment is available for faculty classroom use, and in some cases for student use, on each of Naropa's three campuses.

Arapahoe Campus

The following equipment is available for checkout at Arapahoe campus:

  • 3 TV/VCR/DVD combo units, on carts
  • 7 laptop computers
  • 8 multimedia projectors
  • 3 boomboxes
  • Stand-alone VCR
  • Stand-alone DVD player
  • Stand-alone Blu-Ray player
  • 3 portable sound systems
  • 2 digital cameras
  • 3 35mm cameras
  • 2 digital video cameras
  • 1 light table
  • 2 cassette recorders
  • 1 flip chart/easel
  • 2 overhead projectors
  • 1 PA system
  • 4 slide projectors
  • 3 tripods
  • 4 projector screens
  • 8 digital audio recorders

To book equipment, please call the library circulation desk at 303-546-3507, or come in to the library. Please note that some equipment is very popular, so advanced booking is recommended. Faculty and students must come to the library to check out and pick up equipment at the time for which it is booked.

Since the laptops and multimedia projectors in particular are very expensive and in high demand, use of this equipment is restricted to classroom use or on-campus university-related activities. Students, faculty and staff borrowing this equipment will be required to sign an agreement that outlines charges for replacement of lost equipment. AV equipment is not available to alumni or the general public.

Library staff will attempt to troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment on request and as needed.

Overdue Fines for A/V Equipment

High priority equipment—includes laptops, multimedia projectors, and TVs $1 per hour
All other equipment, including boom boxes, tape recorders, overhead projector, etc. $1 per day

Paramita Campus

The following equipment is available for checkout at Paramita campus:

  • 3 TV/VCR/DVD combos on carts
  • 1 multimedia projector
  • 3 boomboxes
  • 1 laptop computer
  • 2 overhead projectors
  • 1 slide projector
  • 1 karaoke machine

As of fall semester all Paramita AV equipment is owned by the library and can be checked out directly from library staff. For more information or to make a reservation, please come by the reference desk at the Paramita Library and Research Center.

Nalanda Campus

A variety of equipment is available for checkout at Nalanda campus. This equipment is housed in a locked closet across from the restrooms. A code is required for entry. Each department at Nalanda campus has the code; please contact the School of the Arts for access. A sign-up sheet is located inside the closet. Faculty/staff sign up for and sign out equipment on the sheet as needed.