The Bike Shack

spring 2017 open Hours

Open Studio Monday 10:00 to 12:30. Bike Maintenance Classes Wednesday 11:30 to 1:30 and 2:30 to 4:30. Open Studio Thursday 2:30 to 5:00. 

Wednesday classes are open to every student, faculty and staff with a bike or without one. These classes are divided into five stages. These stages will explore different maintenance adjustments, and will give you the skills to build a bike from recycled bikes. Open studio time is for you to utilize the bike shack and the skills you have learned with the supervision of a work study student. 

By appointment: email or call 303-505-3276 between 10am and 5pm.

Services provided by The Bike Shack

Information & Resources

The Bike Shack staff are happy to help you plan the most effective route to class or work, or answer general questions about bicycles and riding around Boulder. We have maps of the area and can help you plan your routes!


The Bike Shack staff can help you learn almost anything about bike mechanics, such as:

  • Basic bike mechanics
  • Fix-a-flat
  • Bike fit
  • How to ride a bike

Let us know what you'd like to learn about by emailing or just stopping by during open hours.

Build-A-Bike Program

In Fall 2013, the Bike Shack instituted a new program to replace the rental fleet: building a bike for you to keep and integrate into your lifestyle. This is a service-learning program in which participants dedicate time to learning how to build a bike from the ground up with the understanding that they can keep it when finished.

  • Earned bikes will be built in the Bike Shack with assistance from Bike Shack staff and from our used parts*
  • Open to all Naropa community members

*Naropa Cycles gladly accepts donations of bike parts and bike related items to support this program.

Tune-Ups & Repairs

The Bike Shack is available to help you with basic tune-ups for your bike. Most of the time the Bike Shack can give you spare parts free of charge, but if not the cost is usually quite low. Moreover, if you have a safety concern with your bike, don't hesitate to ask a the Bike Shack staff. They will most likely be able to address your concern or refer you to someone who can. 


Interested in getting involved and want to gain skills in bike mechanics? You are welcome to volunteer and help out at the Bike Shack during open hours. The Bike Shack is a student-run organization so help of any kind is welcome! Just drop by and talk with the Bike Shack staff if you're interested.