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Joy Redstone, Director of Counseling Services

Joy RedstoneJoy Redstone is a licensed clinical social worker and addiction counselor (CAC III), as well as being adjunct faculty at Naropa and University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. Joy received her master’s degree in Social Work from Boston College in 1995 and completed post graduate certificates in addiction counseling and clinical supervision. She is a writer and artist, and contributes regularly to the Daily Camera. She began her career in Boston, MA, and worked at Pine St. Inn and New England Medical Center.

Her work has focused on the intersection of mental health struggles, addiction, and oppression and has been characterized by a commitment to advocacy and social justice. She served as the executive director of Bridge House for seven years and was recognized for excellence in service delivery. Joy began her work at Naropa in 2012, and has worked in alcohol and drug education before assuming the role of crisis clinician. She became director of counseling services in 2015. Joy also serves as a board member for the Grief Support Network.

Joy offers vision, planning, and program design for Naropa Counseling Services, as well as clinical supervision and training for interns at both the Community and Student Counseling Centers. She is responsible for consultation to the larger university community on a variety of clinical and risk management issues. Joy’s therapeutic approach draws on motivational interviewing, her undergraduate degree in comparative religious studies, and uses mindfulness to address the existential questions of meaning and suffering that underlie much of our seeking. Joy’s background in social work and systems theory informs her commitment to the individual’s journey towards laughter, beauty and integration.

Jo-Lynn Park, Assistant Director of Counseling Services

Jo-Lynn ParkJo-Lynn Park came to to Naropa University in 2015 to provide leadership at the Student Counseling Center, and support the growth of Naropa Counseling Services with Naropa’s new Community Counseling Center. She offers clinical supervision and training to counseling interns at both centers, and consults with faculty and staff in support of student well-being. She also maintains a small caseload of clients.

Prior to coming to Naropa, she received her master's degree in Counseling Psychology and her license as a professional counselor. She has completed a two-year training in the Hakomi Method, and has been a teaching assistant to another Hakomi training. She has worked as a therapist at a residential treatment center, a college counseling center, and in retreats with PTSD diagnosed veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. She also worked for fifteen years as a counselor/educator with young adults and adolescents in wilderness programs. Jo-Lynn moved to Colorado in 2003 and the Rockies have been home since. When not at work, she loves to spend time in the mountains, deserts, and on rivers, doing yoga, meditation, reading, cooking, and playing with family and friends.

Sarah Gibson, Crisis Outreach and Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator

Sarah GibsonSarah Gibson joins the staff of the Naropa Student Counseling Center to provide support to students and foster alcohol and drug prevention and treatment.  Sarah is an addictions counselor (CACII) and adjunct faculty in the Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Program.  She earned her Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and her Bachelor’s of Science degree from Virginia Tech.  Before coming to work at Naropa, Sarah worked at a substance abuse outpatient center providing individual and group therapy for court mandated clients. Sarah’s personal and professional journey has integrated Eastern wisdom traditions, somatic intuition, and Western psychotherapy. In addition to being a counselor, Sarah is also a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, and Kripalu YogaDance® instructor.  Sarah uses an integrative approach to counseling, incorporating: Somatic Experiencing®, Motivational Interviewing, Chakra Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and mindfulness-based therapy.  When Sarah is not working, she loves to spend time with her human and animal friends and family.  An avid horseperson, Sarah also loves to hike, backpack, and ski. You can contact Sarah at sgibson@naropa.edu or 303-245-4761. 

Elyse Bassman, Intern Therapist


Elyse BassmanElyse views her role as helping clients to discover and develop the wisdom and resources that already exist within them. Elyse has worked for years supporting individuals experiencing loss, mental health challenges, and life transitions. Drawing from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Internal Family Systems, Elyse’s approach is grounded in the belief that we need to accept ourselves in order to be able to change and grow. She creates a supportive and nonjudgmental space for clients to nurture self-compassion, connect with the wisdom of their emotions, cultivate self-awareness, and build relationship with all parts of themselves. Elyse is honored to support each client’s unique journey. She offers support with anxiety, depression, life transitions, trauma recovery, challenges in relationship, grief and loss, and many other issues.


Michael Gay, Intern Therapist


Michael GayMichael has nearly a decade of experience working with young adults in the field of mental health. He has worked as a wilderness therapy guide from 2006-2009, and from 2010-2013. He also worked as life skills and addictions counselor for 2 years after that. He has substantial experience working with Rites of Passage, grief, substance over-use, disordered eating, family dynamics, trauma, mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges, as well as depression, anxiety, identity exploration, spiritual crisis, and spiritual emergence. He supports clients’ innate health and aliveness by co-creating space for exploring, experiencing, and expressing the fullness of their truth. Michael is committed to authenticity, empowerment, trust, vulnerability, and connection. Michael is a student of Indigenous wisdom, yoga, meditation, and Nature. In addition to studying Transpersonal Counseling, he also is a student at the Gestalt Institute of the Rockies.

Anastacia Golembiewski, Intern Therapist


Anastacia GolembiewskAnastacia has two years+ of experience working in the helping profession. She is interested in working with life transitions, relationship problems, identity questions, drug and alcohol concerns, existential explorations, emotional turbulence, and academic struggles. Anastacia is a compassionate and curious therapist. Her approach to therapy is influenced by attachment theorists, trauma research, and her own personal development. Anastacia believes that each person already has the answers to their problems within themselves, and her aim is to help clients find those answers. She is passionate about flow art and gardening. When not at the center, she can be found reading, exploring in nature, practicing yoga, making jewelry, playing board games with friends, or relaxing with her dog and her person.


Angie Martin, Intern Therapist


Angie MartinAngie invites clients into a collaborative space of therapeutic exploration in which growth and transformation can occur through experiential and mindfulness-based approaches. Guided by curiosity and a genuine interest in her clients, Angie supports each individuals’ potential for personal freedom, in all of its manifestations. Angie brings years of experience in the educational psychology and social work fields working with students, adolescents in crisis, and adults and families. After moving to Colorado from the Midwest, Angie decided to take the leap and pursue her passion of counseling. She has studied and is influenced by Gestalt therapy, Internal Family Systems, attachment theory, PACT Couple Therapy, and draws much inspiration from her personal meditation and yoga practices. She is devoted to helping adults and couples work through a wide range of life challenges including depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, grief and loss, substance use, and other life stressors.