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A Naropa University Education

The intention of a Naropa University education is to balance rigorous academics with contemplative practice and experiential education to ensure that both outer knowledge and inner development are cultivated, thus broadening the student's academic study. Grounded in an environment fostering service, inclusivity, and introspection, the undergraduate curriculum provides a strong base for the four-year course of study. The Diversity Seminar and the Contemplative Learning Seminar invite Naropa students to look directly at why and how they think the way they do. Together, these seminars deepen the educational experience and prepare the ground for students to first discover their work, and then find ways to take it into the world through the Civic Engagement Seminar.

Built on the foundation of the core curriculum, Naropa offers students the opportunity to engage rigorously with a specific discipline, further deepening their study and practice. In an environment of mutual discovery, students enter into scholarly work with skilled faculty members who are leaders in their respective fields. The student's course of study is further informed by internships and additional opportunities for service work through courses with a community-based learning component.

Academic Year

Naropa University operates on a semester system, with limited summer offerings. The academic year has two fifteen-week semesters, fall and spring.


Naropa University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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