Criteria for Undergraduate Admissions to Naropa University

Naropa University rates applicants on the following criteria:

Academic Background: We look for applicants who have the academic ability to succeed in a challenging, highly experiential, personalized academic process. We will consider an applicant's academic history, activities, teacher or counselor recommendations, awards or merits, and writing ability. We also look for an applicant's ability to reflect upon his or her academic career and to identify not only strengths and weaknesses, but what type of educational environment is most conducive to academic success.

Readiness: Like other colleges, Naropa can be a very transformative and challenging experience. We desire applicants who have a demonstrated ability to cope independently with rigor, conflict, challenge, and frustration. Applicants who have the life skills to seek out resources and to ask for support, whether academic or personal, are students whom we consider ready for a Naropa education.

Mission of Contemplative Education: Naropa University looks for applicants who have an understanding of and/or an openness to the concept of contemplative education. Applicants must be excited about participating in an education that focuses on the integration of body, mind, and spirit. This approach includes an inward journey that connects applicants' intellectual studies with heartfelt experience. Connection to community is also a valuable part of contemplative education. We are looking for applicants who are or have been involved with their larger community, who are engaged in the arts, and who have shown commitment to issues of diversity through either formal or informal volunteer activities or community work. An expression of their intentions about how they may be involved in the Naropa community and how they will use their degree to go on to be of service to the world is an important factor in admission decisions.

Standardized Testing: Naropa has a test-optional admissions policy, which means that we do not require applicants to submit standardized test scores for admissions (including the SAT or ACT). If applicants wish to send those scores to us they may, but again, it is not required and applicants will not be penalized if they choose to omit them. The one exception is that international applicants from non-English-speaking countries are required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores to demonstrate their English language proficiency.