Why Students Choose Naropa University

"A caring and efficient administrative staff, and amazing student/teacher ratio, and professors with an experienced and broader worldview were of utmost importance."

"The concept of taking a contemplative approach to learning brought me back to a Learning Styles course I took in high school where we studied left-brain/right-brain thinking... I learned that experience is as important as reading, and that hearing and tasting are, in fact, ways of seeing. I found dimension in what I read, and that was where I built my desire for an education that was holistic rather than fragmented... I also realized that my perspective is not the only perspective and that therefore it was always important to strive to see all sides of an issue."

"I believe that Naropa's philosophies of a whole education, by not only engaging the mind but the heart and the physical body as well, will allow me to gain the deeper insight and confidence in myself that can facilitate the cultivation of that agent and make it a realistic possibility."

One reason I transferred to Naropa is that "I want to learn about how things connect and where things intersect. I want to learn about what is in between concrete, left-brain, empirical knowledge and 'abstract,' subjective, creative expression, often understood as dichotomous... What fascinates me so much about the universe is that everything is connected, though we are only beginning to understand how... I am convinced that [Naropa] is a place where these connections are respected, studied, and created."