Graduate Degree Programs

Explore Graduate Programs at Naropa University

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Naropa University is a Buddhist-inspired liberal arts university that blends the best of Eastern and Western educational traditions in masters degree programs that stretch you intellectually, professionally, and personally.

Offering 12 progressive graduate degrees in education, environmental studies, writing, psychology, religious studies, and theater, Naropa balances rigorous academics with contemplative education, community engagement, and experiential learning. This equips students with the theoretical underpinnings of their disciplines, as well as the wisdom and skills to apply them.

As you look into Naropa, you'll find that graduate students are attracted here not only because of our spectacular setting at the base of Boulder's Flatiron mountains, but also because they want to work closely with faculty members--many of whom are internationally recognized scholars and authors--who will help prepare them to create careers and lives that are personally fulfilling and help to better the world.


To learn more about Naropa University's graduate programs, please visit our graduate academics page.