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Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships are those scholarships offered by organizations and individuals outside of Naropa. There is free money available for educational expenses.  The challenge is dedicating one's time and energy to investigating, locating, and applying to receive these funds.

Perseverance, dedication, and creativity are essential to a successful search.  Here are some suggestions to help you with your scholarship search: 

Note Deadlines

The best time to apply for oustide scholarships for an upcoming academic year is typically during September through December. Requesting and compiling necessary information such as transcripts, essays and letters of reference can be time consuming.  We recommend beginning the application process well before application deadlines.  

Beware of Fees

Do not use any "scholarship search service" that requires a fee. Too often, these often turn out to be scams, have unrealistic requirements for the student, and/or produce dissatisfying results.

Cultivate Networks

Don't underestimate the valuable scholarship resource pool available from home, school and work networks. For example, a large percentage of private scholarships come from parents' employers. Friends, extended family members, administrators, professors, fellow student recipients, mentors and religious associates may also know of outside scholarship opportunities. 

Search for Outside Scholarships